Why I started blogging …

I really started this blog to try to record every thought that passes my mind. That also gives me an opportunity to go back into my memories at different stages of my life – past, present and future and analyze my true self …

I was sharing all my thoughts, my feelings, my humiliations and my experiences with my husband – we are more like friends.
Since he is not with me physically, I guess this is the only way I can get my thoughts out and share them with people who cares for me.

మనసున మనసై బ్రతుకున బృతుకై తోడకురుందిన అదే భాగ్యము అదే స్వర్గము dedicated to my loving friend and husband

Movie Name: Doctor Chakravarthy
Singers: Ghantasala
Lyricist:Sri Sri
Music Director: Saluri Rajeswara Rao
Year: 1964

Lines I like :
manasuna manasai
bratukuna bratukai
manasuna manasai
bratukuna bratukai
tODokarunDinna adE baagyamu adE swargamu

aashalu theerani aavEsamulO
aashayaalalO aavEdanalO
cheekaTi moosina yE kantamulO
tODokarunDinna adE baagyamu adE swargamu
ninnu ninnuga prEminchuTaku
nee kOsamE kanneeru ninchuTaku

ninnu ninnuga prEminchuTaku
nee kOsamE kanneeru ninchuTaku
nEnunnaanani ninDuga palikE
tODokarunDinna adE baagyamu adE swargamu
chElimiyE karuvai valapE arudai
chEdarina hrudayamE sila ai pOga
nee vyadha tElisi neeDaga nilichi
tODokarunDinna adE baagyamu adE swargamu


2 thoughts on “Why I started blogging …

  1. I dint know that this song has the beautiful lyrics.
    Ninnuninnu ga preminchutaku
    Neeko same kanneeru ninchutaku….
    kudos to Sri Sri garu and thnx for posting Atta!

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