180 – my reaction

180 –whatever the director might have thought about the title, it implies a different meaning to me. Life takes a complete turn – 180° .

The input by all the lead characters is at top-notch, technically brilliant. But something is missing very badly. The soul is missing. The hero is more of an  escapist running away from the problem but not courageous enough to fight back. I am not questioning about the treatment he could have taken or any of that sort, but he could have given wonderful memories to his wife which she could cherish the rest of her life. When he decided to help everyone he comes in contact with or to take life very easily, why did he give some very bitter memories to his very near and dear one before he disappeared from her life? He may have done that for her own good, having worry free life, moving up in career – but that is not all life about. We need to experience life, build wonderful memories to cherish them forever – feel the pain, cry, laugh —- May be the director is afraid to adopt the ending of Geethanjali. 

 Nee matalo mounam nenaena … I could not stop listening nor crying … very touching. I wish the movie was like that – like a poem.

Nee matalo mounam nenaena egisae gundelo ganam nedaena – Karthik and  Sowmya both sang these lines exceptionally well throughout the song and make me very emtional every time I listen to this song. And the music, especially at- nananana nananana nananananananana is simply awesome. Just close your eyes and listen to these lines and this humming takes you to another world – so beautiful Nee Maatalo

And the other song Ninna leni vinthalae chupinae kantipapalae – Chitra’s voice is awesome – classical song with a modern touch. Ninna Leni

Chitra at her best – takes me to swargapu anchuluki

nee kannulanae chusthu kaalalae daataena, chirunavvae chirunavvae naadaeayyaena

neetho ee payanaalae rooju konasagena

Kudos to the lyricists and the singers – nijamga vall jeevithalu dhanyam intha mandiki intha happiness isthunnaduku.

I really wish I could sing ….