My first ever Manicure and Pedicure (M&P) at a professional saloon

I had my first Manicure and Pedicure at a professional saloon in Manhattan last week, two days after my birthday. Actually that is one of my birthday gifts from my niece Madhuri. The whole experience was quite exciting.

Madhuri has stayed with me almost six months. I am not sure whether I had made any impact on her, but she certainly had done on me. In my considerably long life, I hadn’t had strong memories of having nail polish, may be when I was a kid, that’s it. And I had (had ani enduku antunnanu antae, ippudu cheyyatamledu andukani) a very very bad habit – nail biting, when I was in tension, especially when I was struggling with any problems – be either at office or home or to that matter any where naa nails pani ayyipoyalasindhae. Papam naa nails …

I was so embarrassed to show my forehands to anyone, my palms are so soft but for my fingers and for my nails. Since Madhuri came to New York, she was on my back for makeup and manicure and pedicure (m & p)… I was just ignoring her. One day I was in Macy’s and overheard the conversation between two cashiers about nail polish – saramsam emitantae nail polish prevents nail biting. idi ado baganae undi try cheyyali ankuni finally I yielded to Madhuri for m & p. I had my first m & P done by Madhuri at home. And since then every week to ten days I was sitting before her for my m & p. And she has some standards for quality stuff. She buys only OPI nail polish or Sephora’s. And slowly I have become more aggressive and violent and started experimenting with some weird colors. When I told this to Unnu, she asked me to send some pictures of my hands with those weird colors. I took pictures but I did not dare to send her those as I was in a dilemma which ones are more weird – my fingers or my nails or the nail polish colors.

When I went to the salon, I was so excited as it was the first time and I was so eager to take pictures of my pedicure and manicure , mainly to put them in  my blog, but the lady was so offended and tried to hide her face asked me not to take her picture. I felt so bad and apologised her for hurting her feelings. My intention is to share the whole process.

In this process of evolution, the current stage is – three weeks ago I have ordered OPI (three fabulous colors) nail polish from

Anyways that is the story of my Manicure and Pedicure.



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