Naku chala istamaina songslo idi okati – పాడుతా తీయగా చల్లగా

From Moogamanasulu

Gundae mantalaripae sannilu kannilu undamanna undavamma sannalu

poyinollu andaru manchollu unnollu poyinolla teepi guruthulu

Madisi pothae matramame manasu untadi Manasuthoti manusepudo kalisi pothadi

chavu putaka lenidamma nestha mannadi janama janam kadhi mari gattipadathadi

Hats off to Manasu kavi ‘Athreya garu’

I love all most all the songs in this movie. I remembered one instant. I saw this movie (3rd time or 4th time) in Kakinada with my friend Anantha Lakshmi after my undergraduation. I started singing all the songs in the theater. My friend gave me ‘ammo intha scene unda neeku’ ani thanakunna pedda pedda kallotho o look paraesindhi. I just ignored her. I still sing the songs (na manasuki istamainavi, nenu ekkadunnono marichipoyattu chesavi, nannu baaga edipinchaevi) on New York roads hearing them on my Ipod. I enjoyed doing that and I can walk miles and miles only because of those songs.

Thanks to all the lyricists, singers and music directors who make me smile, cry. and all those feelings in between.

In this connection, Dr. Gurava Readdy – Joint Replacement Surgeon and CEO of Sunshine Hospital in Hyderabad (I came to know him recently) has written in his book ‘Guravayanam’ – 

మనల్ని వెంటాడి వేదించడం చేతకానిది పాటా కాదు. దిగుళ్ళతోనో, మనసు గుబుళ్లతోనో,  వెన్నెల రాత్రుల్లోనో,ఒంటరి సాయంత్రోలోనో, ఏ వ్యాపకం లేని అనుత్సాహకర సమయలాలోనో ఆత్మీయంగా మన ఒళ్ళంతా తడిమి సేద దీరుస్తుఉంటాయి , జోల పాడతాయి, నిద్ర పుచ్చుతాయి.

Guravayanam gurinchi telusukovalantae naa future blogs gurinchi wait cheyyandi. Naaku chala rayalani undi aa book gurinchi, Gurava Reddy gari gurinchi kooda.

It Started with Eve

One of our all time favorite movies.  “It Started with Eve” – a 1941 musical romantic comedy. Charles Laughton at his best. Deanna Durbin is adorable. It is a very simple story and we watched many Telugu movies on the same storyline but the screenplay and the performances are brilliant.

My husband and I both loved this movie. We watched this movie together several times and this is the first time I watched it alone after a very long time.

We watched it the first time on AMC Channel and recorded the movie on the video cassette. We had a humongous collection of video cassettes of old (new too) English classic, historic, comedy, and romantic comedy and the list goes on and on. My husband had a big collection of books and audio cassettes too. In a few trips to India, he tried to bring all his books from there. When he goes to audio cassette place, let it be in Hyderabd, Hospet or Tirupathi, he used to come out with his hands full. In our one bed room apartment in Manhattan, I had two book shelfs full of books and packed many books in at least 5 to 6 boxes and put them in the closet as I do not have enough space. He had very good collection of books on English grammar too.

One day, hopefully I should make a good library in my husband’s memory. Books, I am not a big book reader, but music – we both love it. My husband was a good singer too. He used to sing Saigal’s Soja Rajakumari Soja for me. We had a collection of Saigal’s, Yesudas, Ghantasala, Janaki (my husband’s favorite singer) and many more – but some on audio cassettes. May be I should look for some CDs (Saigal’s and Yesudas’) this time when I go to India. I too got that habit of buying some stuff (ishtamainavi) in bulk.

Aaru nelalu savasam chaesthae varu veeru avutharata, mari close to 30 years antae aamathram effect lekapothae elaga.

Last month when I went to NATS Telugu Sambaralu, I bought Bapu’s paintings worth $200 and my niece, Swathi, literally dragged me out from that booth. Everyone was wondering where I would put all those paintings. I have to buy first the other things would be considered later.

Coming to the movie, finally I am able to see this movie on DVD – thanks to Kameswari. We were looking for this movie on DVD for a very long time and she was able to find it with two more movies on the same DVD at NetFlix.

Thanks Kameswari for bringing back some old memories. We watched this movie on AMC channel many times and usually on that channel, after the completion of the movie, a guy comes and talks about some of those actors in that particular movie played. I am so used to that (even though for the past few years I am not watching movies on the TV as I would be feeling very sad as I was so used to watch movies with my husband), today after the movie ended suddenly I felt like that guy would come and speak about Charles Laughton or Deanna Durbin …

Have a peek​=ZItgWx8mtYA&feature=related