Birthdays ….


I have seen many of them, so it is very difficult to remember each and every one. But I vividly remember how I felt about my birthdays when I was young. I was very much excited and was looking forward for that “Big Day” once we entered into the month of June. I always always had new clothes for my birthdays. Sometimes it happened to be two frocks, so I wore one in the morning and the other in the evening. Amma tried to cook all my favorite foods, especially potato in some form –potato boonda was a must. The whole family was going to the movies in the evening. I felt very special the whole day – made sure my middle name (Rani) very true every second the whole day.

When I was in Intermediate and also in Degree, I had few birthday parties at home with all my classmates (only ammayilae even though ours was a CoED college) like in movies and one of my best friends (Madhumathi) is a great singer and she used to sing some songs too  just like in movies ….

I did not want my birthday to end. I wanted the time to stop at that day for ever. I was getting sad when the day approached to a finish. I had the same feeling even when I became old – even in my thirties and forties, even when I was old enough and celebrating my birthdays with my husband. I had celebrated some fabulous birthdays with my husband   no extravaganza gifts or any of that sort of stuff, but just spent the day the way we wanted and we would love to have . We made it a point to celebrate our birthdays just the way we want – very relaxing, just lazy-out, eat whatever we felt like but made sure not to cook much at home especially on my birthdays, but I made sure to make “Bobbattlu” on my husband’s birthday as that was his favorite food – as he so used to affectionately call them as “Bakshyalu” – he loved them.  Usually my birthday falls during Wimbledon time and we made sure to have Breakfast at Wimbledon with coffee and croissants…

Few days in advance to our “Big days”, we started to shop a lot to get the best greeting cards to express our feelings towards each other and we wanted that every word in that greeting card was genuinely expressed our heart’s feelings. I stored all those cards as a big treasure. They truly have become a huge treasure for me today to go back into my sweet memories.

I could not resist myself from posting some of them here.

Now I do not want to give any importance to my birthday  I just want that day to go without notice. I do not want to celebrate it and the only way I look at it as one more year closer to reach my destination – hoping to meet my husband waiting for me somewhere as he was always used to …


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