Strawberry milk shake

My very own recipe – Strawberry Milk Shake – yummy yummy !!!

Strawberries – 3
Soy milk (unsweetened) – ½ to ¾ cup
Vanilla ice cream – 2 tablespoons
Ice cubes (crushed) – almost 1 cup
Almonds – 10
Raisins – few
cardamom – 5 to 6

I use Bella Cucina rocket blender – lightning fast and mess free, the chrome-finished Rocket Blender whips up delicious drinks and gourmet dishes in a flash. It blends, chops, grinds, mixes and whips right in its set of three blending jars, one that doubles as a cup for amazing on-the-go creations.

Add the strawberries, soy milk, ice cream, ice cubes and blend/whip into a smooth drink. Make almonds into small pieces and add it to the drink. Add cardamom powder, raisins and voila the Strawberry milk shake is ready. Two to three teaspoons sugar could be added. It tastes too good and I intentionally avoid the sugar.

I got so addicted to this and I must drink it everyday. I am trying to go more with fruit diet – details about that in another blog article.

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