కన్నులు నీవే కావాలి

Few beautiful songs from Sumangali – My two iconic favorite actors – Savithri and ANR.

Sobhan Babu has played a small role in this film. He is one of the students following the main cast. I wish I would get a good video of the first song.

అందమే ఆనందం ఆనందమే జీవిత మకరందం

I have been listening to the song for so many years but never had seen this video nor I know the name of the movie. Accidentally I found it in the youtube. ANR, Savithri, SVR are very young. They are so fresh so does the song.

Movie’s title is ‘Brathukuteruvu’ and of course sung by none other than the great legend Ghantasala  garu and lyrics by Samudrala.

చిటపట చినుకులు పడుతువుంటే చెలికాడే సరసనఉంటే

One of my all time favorite songs. I remember growing up as a big fan of ANR garu. And of course, I was not very much impressed with Nagarjuna in his earlier days. He has started his career after I moved to US and I watched few of his movies on video cassettes. And I even remember when one of my very close friend told me that her neighbor in India was a big fan of Nagarjuna. And I said ‘ahh’ and passed a surprised look, But I did not have a clue that day that I would become a staunch fan of Nagarjuna. I admire his personality, his screen presence, everything I know about him. Now I started liking Chaitanya from the beginning of his career. He is very focussed, hard-working and I am sure he would see heights in his career. I would never thought or imagine that I would turn out be a loyal fan of three generation heroes from the same family. I know I am a very loyal person, kaani intha loyal ani nakae teliyadu sumi !

Enjoy the song –

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer – 16 October 2011 at Central Park, New York City

For the past few years, I have been actively participating in the fundraising walks. Actively because besides participating in 3 to 6 mile walks, I have been raising some funds too. Not big amounts, but whatever I can. I have been seriously considering some other options to fundraise rather than asking the same group of people over and over. Having a Food stall at Dag Hammarskjold Park or at the United Nations staff recreation area or somewhere is one option. I would like to see something to materialize by the end of this year. May be I can set it as a Goal.

Unlike on the days of my other walks, I have started at 9 a.m. and I walked to 72nd Street and 5th Ave (2.2.miles). I was so happy I did not have to take a cab this time. I hate myself taking cab especially when I am participating in a walk. By the time I reached Bandshell area, it was 9:40. I could not find the United Nations Team. And it was jam-packed. So I tried to go with the flow. For the first 15 to 20 minutes, the walk was so crowded and then it turned out to be nice. I have walked in the Central Park (fundraising walks), but I never explored the North East side of the Park. I really enjoyed yesterday’s route. We walked all the way on the East side almost up to 110th St. (adjacent to 5th Ave) and then walked towards West and came out of the Park around 100th St and walked on the footpath up to 72nd St. and entered the Park and came back to Bandshell to finish off the walk (5 mile walk). I really enjoyed the new route and spotted a place where I guess Ye Maya Chesave climax scene has been shot, so excited to see that spot, and enjoyed my music, especially the song from ‘Mr. Perfect’ – Rao gari abbayi,

Be What You Wanna Be
Do What You Wanna Do
Say What You Wanna Say
Ledante Life Anta Narakam

EvaRo Cheppindi Cheistunde Lifelo Edundi Kicku
Eppudu Nuvve Serdukupote Nikinka Evadu Dikku

If you want to check my complete album, here is the link https://picasaweb.google.com/110874247285414140189/MakingStridesAgainstBreastCancer2011#


Steve Jobs – you will be missed

Today, I have participated in the 5 mile walk supporting the cause Making Strides Against Breast Cancer at Central Park, New York. I passed by Apple Store on 5th Ave between 58th and 59th streets. The sidewalk in front of the Apple store was strewn with flowers,candles, electronic gadgets, notes, and APPLES in Green, Red, Yellow. Grateful fans flocked to Apple stores across the United States to thank co-founder Steve Jobs to thank him for inventing the gadgets that revolutionized their lives. For a moment it didn’t strike my dumb brain why fruits were placed there. Then I realized that they are APPLES not fruits.

Thanks Steve Jobs and it is a privilege to use Apple products.

And I like someone’s note which reads – We’ll miss you, Steve. Please help God to debug the software for the human race !

Someone has left a page from Quran – that makes me think for a while – Religion is not a barrier to use the technology, religion is not a barrier to express emotions, then why is religion becoming a hindrance for human development and an impediment to live our lives in peace and harmony.

May be Steve Jobs would help God to design APPLE products to bring a revolution for the World Peace ! iPeace


First Day of School

This poem is written by a 5-year or 6-year-old kid (a few years ago) who was going to United Nations International School. 

This boy is a classmate to Akhil, one of my very close family members.

This is about a child going to school for the first time and all the thoughts and fears he/she goes through. There are so many mind-boggling what ifs that convince us how genuine those concerns are.

This pushed me into my flashback to see whether I had similar or at least few of those concerns on the day one when I started my school. I do not remember anything, even if I had I am very positive I wouldn’t have had penned them so effectively. He is very clear in his thoughts and in his expressions. Just reading this poem is an awesome experience.


Dookudu Vs. Oosaravelli

Watched Oosaravelli today. Personally I liked it better than Dookudu. No offence to Mahesh Babu’s fans. Of course  looks wise Mahesh babu and NTR took two extremities. Somehow NTR looks – I am not happy. He is putting on lot of weight and he looks old – older than his age. Acting wise – both are good. Screenplay – Oosaravelli  takes over Dookudu. Srinu Vaitla has to come out of his stereotype comedy – it is becoming very stale. Finally heroine has recognition in Oosaravalli; heroine exists in the movie.

May be Samantha ki importance isthae Mahesh Babu image ki damage vasthadani bayapaddaremo ….

I like first half in Dookudu; Mahesh Babu’s Moorari type comedy; and second half in Oosaravalli, with interesting screenplay. And the  picturization of ‘Sri Anjaneyam’ song is great; Hats off to Sirivennela Sitarama Sastry garu and Kudos to DSP.

My kajas – exploring the violent/vibrant side of me

I have tried kajas yesterday. Of course, as usual I checked few web sites and you tube videos. Thanks to the Internet and the Google – anything and everything can be possible. Laddos and kajas were my goals for this Navarathri period. My initial anticipation was kajas would be more difficult than laddos. But in reality, it turned out to be the other way around. That may be due to my inefficiency in making ‘laddos’ like ‘LADDOS’.

Instead of making Laddos like this    

I am making like this  

But they really came out yummy yummy.

Coming to kajas, I did a little experimentation with the size of the chapathi, they came out very close to their shape. And my Karthi certified them as ‘delicious’. Nenu inka nela meeda eduku untanu, cloud nine lonae.

Today I have taken laddos and kajas as prasadam to Baba Temple too. So imagining some unknown people also enjoyed my yummy food.

Slowly I am filling the menu of my food cart – Swathi, watch out

Spent most of the time at Baba’s temple …

Spent more than 6 hours in Flushing Baba’s temple on this auspicious day, Dasara. Wanted to do Satcharithra Parayana on this day. I started on the subway and read for 30 mins and finished the rest in the temple. Took me around 6 hours to finish. It was so peaceful at the temple but my mind was very restless. When I was looking at Baba and talking to Him, I was with peace. I am not asking for miracles to happen, but I want Him to act. May be I do not deserve, I don’t know. May be He is acting and I am not realizing – I don’t know.

But He gave me ‘Tea’ when I wanted to have. Thursday is a fasting day for me – until evening of course. Sometimes I do not even eat the whole day, until Friday morning. So when I was in the temple, around 3:30 p.m., I felt like having tea as I had taken only one cup of tea before I left for the temple. Few years ago, when the temple was under construction, small vigrahas of Baba were in the Satsung room upstairs. There was a kitchen next to that room and when we were there in the afternoons, or early evenings, tea was served to the devotees. Not that many people were at the temple around that time. I remembered those days while I was reading Satcharithra. After a while, surprisingly, we were told that ‘Tea Prasadam’ is available downstairs (where usually the prasadam is served). I was overwhelmingly happy, not because I could drink ‘Tea’ but Baba is listening to me.

Then why is He not listening to my ‘Big’ wish – ‘teliyadu sir’ ….