Spent most of the time at Baba’s temple …

Spent more than 6 hours in Flushing Baba’s temple on this auspicious day, Dasara. Wanted to do Satcharithra Parayana on this day. I started on the subway and read for 30 mins and finished the rest in the temple. Took me around 6 hours to finish. It was so peaceful at the temple but my mind was very restless. When I was looking at Baba and talking to Him, I was with peace. I am not asking for miracles to happen, but I want Him to act. May be I do not deserve, I don’t know. May be He is acting and I am not realizing – I don’t know.

But He gave me ‘Tea’ when I wanted to have. Thursday is a fasting day for me – until evening of course. Sometimes I do not even eat the whole day, until Friday morning. So when I was in the temple, around 3:30 p.m., I felt like having tea as I had taken only one cup of tea before I left for the temple. Few years ago, when the temple was under construction, small vigrahas of Baba were in the Satsung room upstairs. There was a kitchen next to that room and when we were there in the afternoons, or early evenings, tea was served to the devotees. Not that many people were at the temple around that time. I remembered those days while I was reading Satcharithra. After a while, surprisingly, we were told that ‘Tea Prasadam’ is available downstairs (where usually the prasadam is served). I was overwhelmingly happy, not because I could drink ‘Tea’ but Baba is listening to me.

Then why is He not listening to my ‘Big’ wish – ‘teliyadu sir’ ….


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