Dookudu Vs. Oosaravelli

Watched Oosaravelli today. Personally I liked it better than Dookudu. No offence to Mahesh Babu’s fans. Of course  looks wise Mahesh babu and NTR took two extremities. Somehow NTR looks – I am not happy. He is putting on lot of weight and he looks old – older than his age. Acting wise – both are good. Screenplay – Oosaravelli  takes over Dookudu. Srinu Vaitla has to come out of his stereotype comedy – it is becoming very stale. Finally heroine has recognition in Oosaravalli; heroine exists in the movie.

May be Samantha ki importance isthae Mahesh Babu image ki damage vasthadani bayapaddaremo ….

I like first half in Dookudu; Mahesh Babu’s Moorari type comedy; and second half in Oosaravalli, with interesting screenplay. And the  picturization of ‘Sri Anjaneyam’ song is great; Hats off to Sirivennela Sitarama Sastry garu and Kudos to DSP.


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