Steve Jobs – you will be missed

Today, I have participated in the 5 mile walk supporting the cause Making Strides Against Breast Cancer at Central Park, New York. I passed by Apple Store on 5th Ave between 58th and 59th streets. The sidewalk in front of the Apple store was strewn with flowers,candles, electronic gadgets, notes, and APPLES in Green, Red, Yellow. Grateful fans flocked to Apple stores across the United States to thank co-founder Steve Jobs to thank him for inventing the gadgets that revolutionized their lives. For a moment it didn’t strike my dumb brain why fruits were placed there. Then I realized that they are APPLES not fruits.

Thanks Steve Jobs and it is a privilege to use Apple products.

And I like someone’s note which reads – We’ll miss you, Steve. Please help God to debug the software for the human race !

Someone has left a page from Quran – that makes me think for a while – Religion is not a barrier to use the technology, religion is not a barrier to express emotions, then why is religion becoming a hindrance for human development and an impediment to live our lives in peace and harmony.

May be Steve Jobs would help God to design APPLE products to bring a revolution for the World Peace ! iPeace



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