Time very well spent on Thanksgiving 2011

I really enjoyed the day from its start to finish. Everything as planned (even more than I planned) with Baba’s grace.

I went to Baba’s temple in the morning with some prasadam made. I initially thought of making Perugu vada and Mysore Pak (papam Mysore Pak feels bad), as someone on youtube correctly pointed out – it came out as burfi or may be little harder. But Baba asked for Tomato bhath too. So I offered all those three items with a yellow and red pattu sari . I arrived at the temple around 11 a.m., I was thinking of making 108 pradakshinas and then I thought the temple might be crowded. For my surprise, the temple was almost empty except for 2 devotees and the priest. And Sai bajans are filling out the atmosphere soothingly. And my happiness knew no bounds when I heard the song playing ‘Veena dharini Saradae’ when I was entering the temple.

I happily did my 108 pradakshinas and the priest had told me that he would offer the prasad at noon Arathi and he put the saree on Baba. I was so contended. Then I offered my prayers at Ganesha Temple. I stopped by at my sister’s place for half an hour and then rushed back home to go to New Jersey to attend Thanksgiving potluck supper at Sirisha and Ramana’s place.

Actually I took a leading role for the potluck by setting up a base menu and coordinating with all ladies.

Before I left for New Jersey, I was able to finish my online shopping at Macy’s that actually helped me to avoid going to the shop, waiting on long lines and being amidst huge crowds and finally getting tired .

I prepared Samosa Chat at Sirisha’s place. We were able to do Baba bhajan and Harathi and as I planned I got into 11:12 p.m. train heading towards New York. Thanks to Sekhar and Ramu for safely putting me onto the train. Chaitanya was so worried as I took a train at that late hour. But I am little stubborn and sometimes feel very proud for being so as it would give me lot of confidence that I could attain things alone, of course with the help of the Almighty. The train was full of people at that hour and ofcourse I was little bored for being on the train for one hour and twelve minutes. Ramu and Sekhar warned me to take a cab from New York Penn Station to my place. I said ok, but once I got out of Penn Station, there were so many people on the road as most of the stores are opening at midnight with Thanksgiving sales. I decided to walk, and I stopped by at Macy’s, there was an amazing crowd. I did not need to do any shopping, but I just want to walk through the ground floor to feel the crowd. Macy’s is one the biggest stores with nine floors – length wise Broadway to 7th Avenue and width wise 34th Street to 33rd Street. I was there for around 30 to 40 minutes, just walked through without buying any stuff and then walked back home.

I was never imagined my self walking around 1 a.m in New York City, for that matter at any place.. I would not have done this at any place except for Midtown, Manhattan. I am proud to be a New Yorker. I was kind of tired, but I reached home by 1:45. Just prayed to Baba and thanking Him for everything and slept around 2:15 a.m.:


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