Watched Rajanna movie – a heart and soul touching movie

Watched Rajanna yesterday – I loved the movie – songs, baby Annie, Keeravani garu’s music and BGM, and of course Nagarjuna – everything.

I could not control my tears at various stages of the movie – not the scenes where the girl was physically abused, but at the scenes where she got emotionally attached to her dad and especially when she heard the voice of her dad asking her to sing, oh my God, ‘vey vey’ song is very very inspiring and emotional, and its picturization is awesome, got shivers in the body.

When I heard the audio for the first time – “ee mattolona ekamaina mee amma nannla challani devaenalae neeku sri rama rakshaga” (ఈ మట్టిలోన ఏకమైన మీ అమ్మానాన్నలా   దీవెనలే నీకు శ్రీరామా రక్షగా) – manasantha chala digulugu aipoindi, it happens everytime when I hear that song since then.

And I thought ‘Amma Avani’ was my favorite mainly because of the lyrics at the end of the song – Thalli koraku chesae aa thygamenthadaina dehamaina pranamaina konchaemae kadamma” (తల్లి కొరకు చేసే ఆ త్యాగమెంతధైన దేహమైన ప్రాణమైన కొంచెమే కదమ్మ …. అమ్మ అవని )- it made me think whether I have done anything for my mom.
But as the music is growing over me day by day – it is very hard to pick a favorite from this album – Hats off to the lyrics, lyricists, singers, music director, director and producer – the whole team of Rajanna. I may continue my thoughts on this subject …


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