4 January

4 January – one of the worst days of my life. I can never forget this date as long as I breathe. On this day in 2008, my husband got a heart attack. I did not even know that he had a massive attack when I was taking him to the hospital. He struggled for his breath and without knowing I was hitting on his chest and asked my niece to call 911. Before the help came, he seemed to be normal and looking into my eyes and told me ‘naaku em avvaledu, nenu baganae unnanu ani’. I did not know at that moment those would be his last words. I was shocked to know from the doctors that he had a massive heart attack and nothing would help him no matter whatever they try and he may not come out of the operation table. With zero hopes and with just faith in Baba, I asked the doctors to do whatever they can. But miraculously, they were able to put the stent. I thought Baba was kind enough for us and thought and believed that it would be a matter of time that he would come out of the sedation effect. He did not come out of the sedation and he fought for 17 days and finally gave up the battle on 21 January and left me alone in this world. I still cannot believe how he could do that to me. During that period, Lakshmi was kept on saying that he did not want to leave me and go and hence he had fought for 17 days. I hope that was true. Even when I wished him ‘Happy New Year” on 1 Jan, he said, “yeah it is New Year but would it be happy?”. True to each letter, 2008 was the miserable year of my whole life.

He was a typical Aquarian – inventive, unique, stubborn, and at times very unpredictable; he was friendly, kind and humanitarian, but very private

He was a big fighter, and he did not know the meaning of ‘giving up’. He fought for many causes throughout his service in various highly prestigious positions(District Magistrate, District Collector, Managing Director of Co-operative Supermarkets, Chief Executive of an Industrial Cooperative, Chairman of the Small Farmers Development agency and Tribal Development Agency, Director of Backward Classes Welfare, Commissioner of Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments to name some) he has held when he was in India His heart was always close to the under privileged people – let it be the rural development in Srikakaulam or allowing any person who has an interest to learn Vedas irrespective of caste, creed or sex. He laid sankusthapana (foundation) for few temples in USA – Sri Venkateswara Temple in Pittsburgh, Sri Meekanshi Temple in Houston. He played a vital role in getting H1 visas to priests who came to this country to serve the God and the people and ultimately themselves.

For all his kind hearted, unselfish work rendered to the society (Manava sevae Madhava seva , మానవ సేవే మాధవ సేవ – he has done service to human beings and to God also by administering 30000 temples), Baba has taken utmost care of him  I am sure Baba must have provided him a much better place now and taking care of him so fondly.

He is my best friend for ever and I miss him very dearly in every little thing I do. Without our knowledge, I have learnt many things from him and whatever I am today, that is because of him and his ‘sangathyam’. I am really fortunate to have him as a major part of my life and looking forward to reach him at the earliest with the hope that he must be waiting for me somewhere as he always did.

5 thoughts on “4 January

  1. We all understand the pain you are going through and wish you lot of courage. We miss Uncle too and hope his soul is resting in peace.

  2. Both of you are always close to my heart aunty..No matter what!He was a wonderful person . Very loving,caring “kalmasham leni manishi” as divine as a child!!RIP thatayya.

  3. Thank you very much Sai. It is very touching. I too believe the same about thathayya. He never had any harsh or bad feelings on any one, never felt jealous about anyone, eppudu andariki manchi jaragalanae korukonivaru, never talked anything bad about anyone even the person hurted him so deeply either by words or by action. I am really fortunate to have him in my life. What I am today is a true reflection of our journey together.

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