Curry puffs

I made curry puffs today for the birthday party of our Director of Population Division.


Pepperidge farm Pastry sheets – 2

Onions 1

Potato 2 to 3

Beetroot 4 small

Carrot 1

Tomato 1

Green pepper big one 1



Turmeric powder

Red pepper powder

Dhania powder (powder of coriander seeds)


Thaw the pastry sheets for an hour before the curry puffs are made (of course the time depends on the weather)

prepare the curry – boil the potatoes, finely chop carrots and beet root and boil them separately. Mash the potatoes after boiled. Saute the onions in two spoons of ghee, and add mashed potatoes, carrots, beet rooy, finely chopped tomatoes, green pepper and tofu to it. After a few minutes, add turmeric, red chilli powder, salt and coriander powder and get cook the curry for another 10 minutes.

Each pastry sheet can be cut down into 9 pieces (shown in the pic). And add curry in each part and close the puff by pulling up all 4 corners and stick them together by applying some corn starch paste (corn starch powder mixed in little water). And then bake them in the oven, If it is a big oven, set at 300 to 400 degree temperature and bake them all at once. I used toaster oven, so I could bake six at a time.

With the given vegetable measurements, I made 27 puffs and I have some curry still left over.

Pastry sheets are little fatty, otherwise the rest is very healthy.

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