Wishing Happy Birthday to the love of my life – I really really wish you were here with me today !!!

16 February has a very special place in my heart. That is my husband’s birthday. I really wish he was with me today physically. Of course, as always, he is with me in spirit, in everything I do and in everything I speak. I love you so much and I miss you very badly. Always the same question bounces back to me “why you did this to me and how could you do this to me?”

Of all the good things

      the bright things

         the right things

             in my life.

                you, my love

                     are the best !!!!


You’re a constant in a world of change – someone I’ve turned to countless times for your good heart and sound judgement

What a strong, supportive source of love and encouragement you are, on your birthday and always, may you know how much you mean to me – I love you forever !!!

Thank God for letting us share all the little, everyday moments and I am very grateful for all you gave me, for sharing this life, this love with you.

And there is no one I’d rather go through life with than you !!!



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