Khairtabad Hanuman Temple

Went to Khairatabad Hanuman temple today to perform pooja for Karthi.  Hanuman is so peaceful it was very difficult for me to come out of the temple. But I felt the priests are very rude – atleast in disclosing the information. And I am also very surprised to know that we should go to temple personally to request for having a pooja the following day or any other day. I never heard of this and also they were very impatient to give this info. And they said the temple was very busy and they could not talk to me either. They should know what busy really means – in US temples during festive seasons and Thursdays at Sai Baba temple in Flushing, New York. But you could go ask for archana at almost any time. I really can’t understand why people make things complicated in Indian temples? I can understand the situation at Tirupathi temple or any other temple of that sort with the crowds. And I was shocked to know that there is no phone number that we could contact and confirm the poojas, so we have to go there personally to request for a pooja the following day or any other day – so sad and strange.

But looking at Hanuman was a very serene experience. The shrine has reminded me of Anjaneya Swamy temple at Anakapalle, the place where I was born and brought up (the temple is not located in the town but in the outskirts and very close to College quarters where we lived, It may be a mile away from my house. Recently I came to know that my niece, Swathi ia an ardent devotee of Anjaneya and since then whenever I see His shrine, she immediately comes to my mind. This is the picture from my Tirupathi trip – from a moving car..

Hanuman at Tirupathi


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