My early morning memorable walks at KBR Park, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, India

on 12 Feb, the day after I came to India, Sai and I went to drop off Unnu and Prati at tuition and on our way back, we were talking about different regular activities we were involved in on a daily  basis, then we decided to walk/jog in the morning at KBR Park, Jubilee Hills. And we started immediately from 13 Feb and it continues with out break (except for the three days I had gone for Tirupathi). For so many years, in every one of my earlier visits, whenever I pass by tis park, I have been thinking of walking inside. I always thought of having a kick start off the day with this refreshing activity as it becomes very unpredictable as the day progresses and at the same time I did not want to trouble the drivers to come early just for my sake. But this time, with Sai being in the house, this impossible task has become very easy. There are two options – one inside the park (Rs 10 fee)  and the other is the outer circle but that is part of the park without any fee.For about half a mile of the outer circle, we have to walk outside of the park, on the pavement. Inside is very dry. Outer circle is so beautiful with most of the flowering  plants, but it has slopes and stairs. I really love the outer circle which is very pleasant and walking on slopes and climbing stairs which made us burn some calories. The complete outer circle is about 5 km and walking up to car might take another 0.5 km. I am very happy to walk around 3.5 miles in 60 minutes. I am for sure that I would miss my morning walks at KBR park after I am back to New York. I hope and determined to wake up early after I reach home and finish one round of walking/jogging in the morning in addition to my 3 mile walk in the evening. Have a glimpse at

Check this link to see the complete album


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