Zumba classes ….

Attended my first Zumba class yesterday.

First time, a few months ago, I heard about this from Sekhar when he had seen many ladies engaged in this program in the Gym where he does his workouts. Then he told about her cousin who is actively engaged in this program. I too felt that I should give it a try. Obviously I want to loose some weight and moreover I want to increase my metabolism. Then in January, I started looking for classes around my place. I found many many places. Then I thought I should start this after my India trip which I was planning to go in Feb and return back in the second week of March. I even searched on google to find some classes in Hyderabad. I found a few places, but somehow I was little hesitant to try this in Hyderabad

After my return from India, again I was looking for classes and suddenly one day I found a groupon coupon – 5 classes for $35. I immediately plunged into it. But this offer is available at Peart Studio – 8th Ave between 35 th and 36th Streets which is almost 1.6 miles from my home.

Of course, I booked my first class for Friday, 20 April at 7 p.m. I reached the place around 6:45 p.m. I went to the 12th floor and the place is filled with people everywhere – like a fish market (very famous expression used in my mother tongue when a place is jam-packed with people and everyone tries to speak). My immediate instinct is return back home. But giving up is not my nature, and I feel really defeated when I don’t or can’t do the thing I wanted to do for any reason. So with a bold face, I walked through the crowd and met a coordinator and showed her my reservation slip. Then I waited in the corridor with many people for 10 more minutes until our room became available. But luckily, all the men waiting there are for another class. That gave me a huge relief. Somehow the idea of dancing in front of men is not very comfortable to me.

Then the class started. I did not have a clue of what they do. I should have watched youtube videos on Zumba class rather than watching Smitha’s Ishana (just kidding). It was really killing energy. For the first 15 to 20 min, I was sweating hell and had to drink water after every song.

I hope and wish that one day I could dance at least 50% of what my instructor did yesterday, She was a bundle of energy, She was fabulous. And I walked 4 miles (round trip) My knees were hurting very badly. I am afraid of going to my yoga class today. But I am a FIGHTER – I was able to do my yoga class without any problem and of course walked again 4+ miles.

I remembered two movies after my class is finished.

One is Santhosham – when Sunil says to Prabu Dev – “Bodylo rhythm ledu”  and the second one is Ele Cheppanu – Brahmi in the gym – to show off he does all sorts of workouts and was unable to move his body later.

That is exactly how I am feeling after yesterday’s experience.

Anyways, I do not give up until I break something. After I finish my 5 classes, I must change the venue, should check the ones near my home. Feeling great and hope I stay as fit as I am today to be engaged in many more of these activities in the coming days, years  – exploring the opportunities ….my husband must be always wondering what I would be up to every moment … and I hope he must be happy and proud that I have been engaging myself in all healthy activities – both physical and mental !