Biology is the least of what makes someone a mother – Oprah Winfrey

“Biology is the least of what makes someone a mother” – I have read this quote on twitter – a tweet from Ram Prasad garu several months ago. Since then I wanted to write my thoughts on this. It touches my heart so deeply, may be because I do not have children. Very few times I had that feeling very strongly, “may be if I had a child, he or she would have been immense support to me, understands me better, consoles me and be at my side when I need someone to hold-on ….”, but may be God has other plans – He wanted me to be strong and give that support to people who need it and love everyone with that motherly heart who comes across my life. In that aspect, I have countless children ….

I want to post a greeting card I received from Prati & Unnu last year on Mother’s day as a testimony to Ms. Winfrey’s quote.

There are so many songs in our movies to describe theMOTHER. But a few lines from a song in Rajanna made me think whether I had done anything to mom –

thalli koraku chesae aa thyagamehthadaina, dehamaina, pranamaina konchaemae kadamma

On this note, I want to wish my mom, my sisters and all fabulous mothers in my life “A Very Happy Mother’s Day”

My mom

To be a mother is to LOVE, NURTURE and PROTECT !!! Maa is not a GENDER … It is an ACTION – Sushmita Sen (Miss Universe).