Yesterday, I was feeling little down and felt alone even after I attended my yoga and Zumba classes. I was looking for some movies (of course Nagarjuna’s movies – aakhari poratam, Ramudochhadu) on Youtube movies, but I could not find them Then I was checking and was browsing Maa TV Realty programs. Then I got Super Singers  3 (which had been taken place in 2010, I guess). That was the competition among kids’ group, adults’ group and folk singers’ group. I started watching them from Sunday afternoon and with some intermittent breaks, I watched until 1 a.m. last night (but was able to get into quarter finals only). I would have watched continuously but for to go to work on Monday. And this is not the first time as I have watched this entire series when it was broadcasted in 2010.

All this introduction is to write about Bhakthi – devotion. Chandra Bose, the famous lyricist  (songs in our Telugu movies, I do not know whether he writes in other languages) has said something about bhakthi after he got very impressed with one contestant’s performance which really touched my heart.

ప్రేమకి భక్తి కలిస్తే ఆరాధన అవుతుంది (Love with devotion becomes adoration or worship)
ఆహార్యానికి భక్తి కలిస్తే నైవేద్యం అవుతుంది (Food with devotion becomes prasadam – oblation)
నిరాహకారానికి భక్తి కలిస్తే ఉపవాసం అవుతుంది (Devotion combines with no-food becomes fasting)
పనికి భక్తి కలిస్తే సేవ అవుతుంది (work with devotion becomes service)
పాటకి భక్తి కలిస్తే ప్రార్ధన అవుతుంది (song with devotion becomes prayer)

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