Vasthunna Baba vasthunna

A song from Shiridi Sai Baba movie – very emotional. I tried to write some lyrics out of the song. But not completely. I’ll try to add the lyrics of the beginning of the song tomorrow. The lyrics are very simple. It was very emotional, I was moved to tears as babanae cheputhunnattu undi, chala gundae baruvekkindi.

Chandra Bose garu 3 days Baba pusthakamu parayana chesi 2 songs rasaranta. Inka SPB garu and Keeravani garu oka adubutha srava kalpana chesaru . It may be the climax song and KRR garu, Nagarjuna ee pataki pranam postaru (Annamayya climax range lo ani Rajamouli garu kooda chepparu). It is 1:32 in the morning. I really wanted to put it in my blog before I rest.

Thanks to everyone who are part to it – Chandra Bose garu, SPB garu, Keeravani garu, KRR garu, Nagarjuna and all the other support system.

Here it goes

నిర్మలమైన మనసుతో  నిశ్చలమైన భక్తితో
నా రూపాన్నే తలవండి నే లోపల కోలువవుతను
నా నామాన్నే పలకండి మీ లోపం తొలగిస్తాను
నా హారతి దర్శించండి మీ ఆపద ఆపేస్తాను
నా విభూతి ధరియంచండి మీ వేదన నాదంటాను
నా జ్యోతులు వెలిగించండి మీ మనసులు వెలిగిస్తాను
నా చరితని పటియించండి మిము చరితార్థుల చేస్తాను
మరణ శయ్య కాదిది  శరణు కోరిన వారికి కరుణ చెయ్య
సమాధి కాదిది కష్టాల తొలగించు సన్నిధి
జ్ఞానసిరులు నందించు పెన్నిధి
శాంతి సౌక్యాల నొసగే షిరిడి షిరిడి షిరిడి
శాంతి సౌక్యాల నొసగే శిరిడి షిరిడి

Life is beautiful ….

This is my 100th post. I have been seriously thinking of a noteworthy post for the past few weeks. I thought about a few topics but I could not pen on anything. Yesterday I watched Sekhar Kammula’s movie Life is Beautiful audio launch.

I was really touched and got emotional. It started with a tribute to Veturi garu – we miss him a lot. It was very heart touching to see how much Sekhar garu emotionally attached to Veturi garu.

Then few things mentioned by Sekhar garu made me think about Life.

Brathikae unnam kadha – pakka vadiki sayam cheyyachhu kadha

Brathikae unnam kadha – santhosham ga undachhu kadha

Brathikae unnam kadha – kopam enduku

it goes on and on, we can think of anything we could do since we are alive. And he also mentioned that life itself is the most beautiful and everything else is secondary, everything else could be worked out. Deep in your mind, it is very thought-provoking.

Korikalu, navvulu, badhalu, sandadulu, santhoshalu panchukomannadi ee allari allari allari jeevitham – Life is beautiful….

Then Amala garu – the one person I adore – I adore her for her simplicity, I adore her for her involvement in social causes and committment to work for the causes she believes in and finally I adore her as she married my favorite hero Nagarjuna. I really do not know who is more lucky to get the other. Made for each other.

And the next thing Sekhar garu mentioned about how many things Amala does unnoticedly and she has her own identity for the activities she is involved in and finally he said her role in the movie aptly defines Life is Beautiful. I am really happy for her.

Nagarjuna should be really proud of her and I also liked Sekhar Kammula’s appreciation of Amala’s work. Thank you Sekhar Kammula garu for your persistence in bringing back Amala and thank you Amala garu for accepting this movie.

Nagarjuna as Saibaba

When I first heard about Nagarjuna acting as ‘Sai Baba’, I was little scared. As he mentioned in many interviews he was also kind of not thinking about it too much and scared too as he rightly mentioned that he had played the roles of a Bhakthudu (Annamayya and Sri Ramadasu), but now he had to play the role of a Godly person. Sai Baba is prathyaksha Daivam for millions of people. Several years ago in an interview, for a question of playing the role of Christ, he answered that he wouldn’t as he did not want to play with the belief of millions and millions of people. I admired his decision as people have their own images of their ishta daivam and it is a very sensitive issue. But now I really do not know what inspired him to play the role of Sai Baba. I was awestruck looking at some of the stills yesterday – that too on Guru purnima day. I immediately posted this picture (I really loved this picture – very serene, I get goosebumps whenever I look at this picture) on facebook, and instantaneously I received 2 likes

I really can’t wait for Keeravani garu’s music and the movie of course. In the press meet, when Keeravani garu mentioned about one song on Sai Baba they have started composing from ‘Allari Mogudu’ time and finally it found its apt place shows how Baba plans and makes things happen (as it has been experienced by many of the devotees and the same thing has been mentioned in Sai Satcharithra)

Naaku entho ishtamaina Nagarjuna nenu anukshnam prardinchae Baba roopamlo ravadam is a dream come true. As he mentioned about finding Baba’s vigraham in his house and other incidents (antha sai mayam) and analysed the whole thing as a spiritual experience, I wish and pray that the movie would be a spiritual experience not only to Baba’s devotees but to general audience also.

In this context, I can’t help but to post one picture posted by RajMouli garu  on twitter with the caption Eega on Shirdi Sai’s hand with this picture. I do not know whether it is a promo to ‘Eega’ or to ‘Sai Baba’. Anyways, it is a nice picture.

Wishing for Baba’s blessings on the entire team…