Antha Sai Mayam – Wishing Nagarjuna a very Happy Birthday …

All the budding singers of Keeravani garu’s troop have presented Nagarjuna a beautiful medley of Shirdi Sai songs as his birthday gift. What more could he ask for. I felt like those are direct blessings of Baba showered on him on the eve of his birthday. He is so much blessed to portray Baba’s role.

Antha Saimayam – antha ramamayam from Sree Ramadasu has been adapted so brilliantly – very apt and suited the occasion perfectly.

The backdrop picture (for the stage) of Nagarjuna is stupendous. I checked few web sites to catch hold of that picture. entho ఆర్ద్రత undi aa facelo.

And next Keeravani gari speech -I was really touched, everything about he talked – sabka malik ek hai, as his three close associates (who have been working with him for the last ten years) are a Hindu, a Muslim anda  Christian; how humorously he made Raghavendra garu to talk infront of a mike; how and when a person feels real happiness when he does not have any responsibilities or answerable to anyone (may be I am not able to express exactly how Keeravani garu expressed this situation); the way he expressed – aa rakanga meeru Siva naa modati cinema ayyae avakasanni poggatturu and again how Nagarjuna called him few years after and forced the producer to give a chance to Keeravani garu for another movie – Bava nachhadu; how he showed his love and affection towards Nagarjuna by singing Telusa Manasa idi enati anubhandamo (song from Criminal) and he knows how much Nagarjuna likes his music and he also knows that he is Nagarjuna’s favorite music director.

And finally Nagarjuna’s speech – I always always love his impromptu speeches. The way he told Keeravani garu that Keeravanigaru must have indebted to him in some previous lives, and he has been repaying that by giving best music to his movies and also told him that he hasn’t repaid back his debt completely and the saga should continue. And also the way he congratulated Valli garu (Mrs. Keeravani garu) by giving the example of Sachin Tendulkar’s speech and how valuable the support from the family helps a person to achieve success. I also have the habit of talking about something by giving examples. So I could easily connect with him at that point.

On a final note, nenu anukshnam pradinchae Baba ga naku entho athmeeyamaina Nagarjuna portray cheyyadam – what more can I ask for.

Wishing Nagarjuna happiness in everything he chooses to do…

Jayaho sai jayam jayam nee padakamalamulaku jayam jayam

Ecstasy – in one simple world is an UNDERSTATEMENT

Shirdi Sai audio – oka adbhutham

Amara raama sumaaramacheri kamadhenu ksheeralatho
 Sai nathuni paavana murthi ki abhishekam ksheerabhishekam

I started listening the songs again this morning from a website while working. When I came to this song, I could not get away from this, even I know there are so many wonderful songs coming after this, but I have been listening to this song since this morning. Ecstasy is an understatement, yes absolutely. Blessed to hear the songs and blessed to be in a blissful state, teliyani bhavodvaekam kaluguthundi, I had to take deep breathes so many times today. I question myself why I am getting so emotional, is it because of Nagarjuna’s movie, but no because I am thinking of Baba only when I am listening to the songs. I am praying to Baba also that we all should see Baba only not Nagarjuna on screen, as we had seen only Annamayya and Sree Ramadasu not Nagarjuna. And I also try to recollect whether I was reacted the similar way to Annamayya or Sree Ramadasu audios. I do not think so. Then I try to analyze the reasons for my present state. I just do deeparadhana every morning, peddaga poojalu avi cheyyanu, I talk to him everyday, I constantly interact and communicate with Him everyday and I ask His help and guidance in every thing I do – little or big. He responds and protects me with His shield of protection, Baba is part of  my life. This audio touches my heart so deeply, I could not control my emotions.

I have been listening to this song since this morning, and prashanthi, my niece sent me an email before noon asking me whether I could join them on Saturday to go to Baba Temple in New Jersey as they wanted to perform Abhishekam to Baba.

And I came home in the night and broswed web site and this song is coming as the background. I guess yesterday was Bhajan song as the background music for the web site. They may change the songs everyday, but my happiness knows no bounds. I feel so blessed.

Thank you Keeravani garu, Shiva Datta garu and Shweta Pandit for this awesome song.

Amara raama sumaaramacheri kamadhenu ksheeralatho
Sai nathuni paavana murthi ki abhishekam ksheerabhishekam

Surakalpa latha surabida sumala
Sura chera sumadhura makarandam tho
Sai nathuni mangala murthi ki abhishekam madhurabhishekam

Valayavai dhara sikharavananthara
Chandana sukha cheethala gandham tho
Sai nathuni sundara murthi ki abhishekam Chandan abhishekam
Srihari padara jeeva samudbhava gagana ganga paavanashekaramula
Sai nathuni srikara murthi ki abhishekam neerabhishekam

Neepavayejasameepa dhuneegatha aa divyaa nirodhi oodi tho
Neepavayejasameepa dhuneegatha aa divyaa nirodhi oodi tho
Sai nathuni tejo murthi ki abhishekam poodhyabhishekam

Jayaho sai jayam jayam nee padakamalamulaku jayam jayam
Jayaho sai jayam jayam nee padakamalamulaku jayam jayam
Jayaho sai jayam jayam nee padakamalamulaku jayam jayam

I wish to see the whole song, but as of now it is available in a small bit