The most adorable human being – Amala Akkineni

Naa manasuki baaga nachhina vyakti Amala Akkineni – very simple, pleasant, strong, inspiring, works for the causes she believes in … I wish I knew her personally. Hope with Baba’s blessings our paths meet somewhere in the future…

Many Many Happy Returns of the Day to the most beautiful and the most adorable human being !!!

I wanted to add few of the heart touching emotions expressed by Nagarjuna about Amala in several interviews. Usually in his interviews, Nagarjuna always expresses high acclaim on Amala. In a recent interview by Keeravani garu on Shirdi Sai, Nagarjuna very proudly acknowledged that Amala is his spiritual guru. I was very much touched by that gesture.

After Ragada release, in a TV 9 interview, the anchor was asking about his comments on different heroines, and Amala was one of them. He said that he can not think of her as an actress and he said very emotionally that she is his heart and soul and everything and she lifts his moods up when he is down, and brings him down to the ground when he is high above the ground. I really loved the way he expressed his feelings.

Amala garu, thank you very much for coming back to the big screen and wish you all the happiness you truly deserve.

As Sekhar Kammula garu said, you have your own identity besides being the wife of Nagarjuna and you are actively involved in many wonderful things and your life inside and outside his movie justifies the title of his movie – Life is Beautiful.


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