Life is Beautiful

I like Sekhar Kammula’s movies – no doubt about it. My favorite is Godavari, May be Sumanth, may be Kamilini, may be Godavari, may be a matured love story, may be the songs, everything about that movie. Anand is good, but it had some dragging moments in the second half.

Life is Beautiful is an ok movie. Everyone did his/her part beautifully. But there is no story, I get sick and tired of those conflicts with rich and middle class. The character of Nagraj played by Sudhakar Komakula is very impressive and effective. And the little girl chinni played by Kavya is a big asset to the movie. Her love towards her mom is shown very touchingly. I literally could not control my tears and was awestruck with her performance. ‘Amma gurinchi Englishlo matladalenu’ is the best dialogue in this movie.

I expected little more screen presence of Amala, and I am disappointed, Sekhar Kammula has not at all projected Amala’s character as he had described in the Audio release function -” her role in this movie defines ‘Life is Beautiful’ “- something is missing. I expected something bigger as she is coming back to the big screen after 20 years. She did not disappoint us but Sekhar Kammual did in defining her role. He should have shown us how strong she being a single parent. I do not think Sekhar Kammula wants us to believe how much Life is Beautiful just by showing her as a cancer patient, there should be something more for us to feel that the Life is Beautiful. In real life, Amala is voluntarily involved very deeply in a variety of causes in which she has complete belief in and she does not need a bigger than life role in a movie, but I expected something different.

I just feel like sharing a quote about what a volunteer is by Sadhguru (Isha Foundation)

“The question is not about the volume of what you do; the willingness with which you breathe, and walk and live, that makes you a volunteer.”


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