Enगlish Vingliश – Sri Devi’s come back movie

I do not think she wants to come back to the big screen again. But she does come back with Elan for sure. It is a nice feel good movie – not a big graph of emotions, but slightly touches your sensitivities. When you look her face, it is not glorious  as it used to be earlier, You can’t but fall in love with her character; love the beauty of the character; love her subtle expressions; you feel the character and you own the character. Imagine yourself in a place and you don’t know the language of that place except a few words here and there, and what a struggle you have to go through even to answer a question like still water or sparkling water if you want to buy water. And a question on articles of English – ‘the’ – why the United States of America and why not the India? And her strive to learn English just to get respect from her family is very touching. The movie also points out that cooking is an art. Her expressions are very impressive when her instructor called her as an entrepreneur as she does a small-scale business – making snacks at home and sell them. Especially those laddos look so fresh and yummy. I feel like eating them. The best dialogue in the movie is when her niece asked her whether she loves her classmate who is a french guy, “I do not need love and I need respect” – is the basic storyline.

Of course, the movie ends with her nice speech – everyone needs a family as family would support you and respect you irrespective of all your shortcomings. I love the comment by her instructor –  he was impressed by her speech but she missed some a s and the s (articles in English)

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