Prayer changes everything ….

The bottom line is, it is the Lord’s Grace that moves everything.

mookam karoti vAchAlam pangum langhayate girim yatkrupA tam-aham vande paramAnanda mAdhavam

I salute Lord Madhava by whose Grace the dumb can become eloquent and the lame can cross over mountains.

This was the sloka my husband has complete belief in and he started his day by uttering it with so much passion and devotion. He actually brought this feel into me and it changed my life since then. I thank God for making him the best part of my life. Even my husband is not physically with me, I am living every moment of this life with the love, patience, strength, inspiration, and devotion he has imbibed into me silently without my knowledge. Whenever I read any thing about prayer, I could remember my husband’s chanting of this sloka.

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