Music has no language

Is true to every letter. Of course, if we understand the language and the lyrics, it would take us to another level for sure, at the same time to appreciate the feel of the music, language is no barrier. When I think of this, the songs that immediately come to my mind are

1. Aromalae both male and female versions by Alphonse and Shreya Goshal are simply awesome, just take me to another world. Actually Shreya Goshal’s version is only alapana and it was released few months after the movie’s release. But I really got connected to Alphonse’s version on my first hearing. I kept on hearing this album with Unnati and Prati in my India trip just a few weeks before the release of the movie. We were actually listening to these songs like crazy. But for some reason, Unnu doesn’t like this song and to irritate het we were playing it repeatedly. It may be A R Rahman’s music that made us fell in love with this album and after almost three years after its release, the album is still very fresh.

2. Nanhe Nanhe Taaro Jaise Naina from Drona – the first time I heard this song when Unnu and Prati sang it in my India trip. I loved it. After I came back to New York, I printed the lyrics and tried to sing it. I cried many times listening to this song. I do not understand the meaning. But edo teliyani badha anipisthundi ee song vinnappudalla.

I may have many songs in this list, but these two popup when I was thinking about this topic – TRUE Music has no language

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