Reflections on 2012

Started on a challenging note. Moved to a new office (Financial Information Operations Service) within the UN. Challenge is not with the technologies but with new people and new substantive concepts. My supervisor – naku komchem thikkaundi daniki oka lekkaundi type. I really had a hard time initially. My confidence levels falling rapidly into negative side, everyday has become a nightmare. I got this post through a competitive exam which I have tried many times (almost vikramarkudu type). I had moments regretting getting the post. I just lived through this phase and successfully sailed through it with the support and strength received from Baba. He has built back the confidence in me and put me on the positive vibrations irrespective of the way things are going in the office. Baba alone knows what I was going through. I kept on remembering my husband’s staunch belief in Baba – thakkuvemi manaku Baba pakkanundu varaku. I firmly hold on to that. I was very much worried about my health, my sanity. I immediately tried Zumba classes which I really enjoyed and i have taken membership at New York Health and Racquet Club. This is another positive outcome of my great AGONY. Within a few months, things have changed in the office. My supervisor started giving me RESPECT.

Another achievement – one of my GED students with whom I worked very hard for a month had passed her GED.

Another miracle in my life – for more than a month since Shirdi Sai audio launch, I felt the presence of Baba every day , every moment which I never experienced in my entire life, I kept on listening to the songs in the office, on the road and in the house, wherever I am, I am listening o the songs, even at night, they are on continuous play mode on my iPod.

so when I look back into 2012, it is all BABA. He reiterated the faith and belief in me that He is and He will be with me always ! He is my only support and strength. Baba, please be with me, protect me and guide me in the right direction !!!