An eMOTIONAL moment ….

One of my GED students, Eddie has passed his GED exam. He has started working with me since sometime in November, 2012. He has passed all the subjects except for Math. On the total he got a score more than needed to pass the exam but he did not get the minimum required in Math to pass the exam. He took the Math exam a few times, and he has been going down in the grade. We hardly worked 2 months and that too not on a continuous basis. He was taking the exam on 13 Feb and I was leaving for India on that day. He felt like a lost kid when I told him that I would not be back for 4 weeks. Since it takes 6 weeks to check the results online, he has been attending the classes after the exam too. After I came back from India, we started working again. He checked for his results online (may be too early) and it shows that he has not passed in Math. All the earlier attempts will be shown on the screen and I thought may be it was not showing the latest yet. As he thought he did not make it this time also, started working with me again. He has a small problem with tackling the math problems. Suddenly he gets lost and he can not proceed with the problem anymore and completely forgets about the concept. Once he realized that has forgotten the concept with which he was well versed, he gets upset with him, his face completely turns red. I tried to calm him down and asking him to slowly get back to it. This Monday I went to the school thinking of what I should I do or how I could help him to overcome this problem. I am not a psychiatrist, neither a professional teacher even though I have passion for teaching.

I was walking into the hall, and I met Kenneth, the Literacy Partners representative and he told me that Eddie wanted to speak to me. I said ok and thinking in the back of my mind what happened now, he did not want to continue or any thing else happened. All those questions are popping in my head.  I went to Eddie, he gave me a paper,. I opened it, that is the certificate from the State of New York with the marks he has obtained and also certifies that he has passed the GED. I was shocked with surprise. He was so happy.

Today he came to school and gave me some nice roses and a beautiful card with it. It is a very heart touching moment. And after I worked with another new student that evening, I was stepping out of the Time and Life Building, I passed the security, and the guard wished me good night and I just passed him few steps and he called me back and told me, “Miss, I saw the guy bringing those beautiful flowers and he told me that you have helped him a lot and you had done an excellent job”. And the guard told me something more which I can’t even remember. And the guard also very warmly appreciated my service.

A very emotional moment

Pilates Barre

After returning from my India trip, I have decided to squeeze in some time to attend some classes at Health and Racquet Club either in the morning or during lunch time on weekdays as I do not want to restrict my workout activity only to Fridays and weekends. On that line of thought, today I have attended Pilates Barre during my lunch break. I have attended this session few months ago with a different instructor. Today it was a real torture. Oh my God, every part of my body aches, especially my thighs. Few things I could not even do, but I could practice them at home if I wish to get back to this class at this hour. But I was kept on telling myself that this was the last time I was attending this class. Forty-five minutes elapsed and I am still alive. And guess what? I want to get back to this class again even though it hurts. I am not able to do certain things hurts me more than the real body aches. So I’ll see how much I would succeed with my new regime….