Maro janmae anaeduntae korukuntanuga thoduga ninnae

“Maro janmae anaeduntae korukuntanuga thoduga ninnae

Kshanalaina yugalaina vechivuntanuaga veedanu ninnae

Ee Jeevitham oo adbhutham teeyani anubhavam teeyani anubhavam

Bandhalanae mudi vesina premae sasvatham”

Love this song from Greekuveerudu – both the lyrics and the music composition. Reminds me of Mick J Meyer’s compositions. It has been playing in continuous mode on my iTunes on the laptop, and on iPod when I am walking .

Music has so much healing power. It travels with us wherever we go, whatever we do and brings back so many memories – sad, happy and everything in between.

I keep on thinking of my husband when listening to this song, I wish he was here at this moment. Miss you….