Manasa Bhajarae Guru Charanam

Last Saturday (22 June 2013), few families (Radhika’s, Ramana’s and Lakshmi’s) have done Shirdi Sai Baba Nama Japam for 6 hours at Radhka’s residence praying for Baba’s blessings to shower on Sirisha for her speedy recovery. During the nama japam, we were trying to sing some bhajans besides singing our usual “Sai charanam” and “Om Sai Ram”. One song that kept on coming to my mind was “Manasa Bhajarae Guru Charanam”, but I did not sing that song with the fear that I might not recollect the whole lyrics. I need to mention one fact, I was going to Satya Sai Baba bhajans every Sunday at Flushing Temple for several years some 30 + years ago. And this is one of the songs sung at the Bhajans. Besides doing 6 hours nama japam on Saturday, some of us made a commitment to Baba to do bhajan for one hour everyday at our respective homes. So Monday, when I was offering prayers at home, this song had come back to my mind again. I just sang the song with whatever lyrics I remembered. Same thing happened on Tuesday also. It happened on Wednesday too, and suddenly I felt like searching for the lyrics at Google which I did while I was praying. I got several youtube links and I opened the second one with out looking at the title. There was audio with some Satya Sai Baba pics scrolling and the lyrics was also there at the bottom, The voice of the person who was singing the song was very powerful and attractive. Underneath the lyrics, there was some notes too and I just browsed the first two lines and it was stated that it was the first Bhajan sung by Satya Sai Baba after he announced that He was Sai Baba.

The bhajan was so vibrant and energetic and I played it several times singing along with it. Today also I wanted to play it again, and opened my iPad and searched for that song, and opened the second link again, this time I read the title and my joy knows no bounds – that song was sung by none other than Satya Sai Baba Himself. I was so emotional that He so willingly came into my house and sang the Bhajan for me. I was not looking for any youtube videos of Satya Sai Baba nor of any one’s, I was just looking for the lyrics only. He just came into my house with a purpose. I felt so very much blessed and suddenly remembered that He used to call my husband very affectionately “Bangaru”. My husband had met Him many times at different occasions, sometimes official visits, and the other times personal visits. I am sure that my prayers to God would be answered and Sirisha would get back to normal soon. Om Sai Ram !

Sri Sathya Saibaba singing “Manasa Bhajare Guru Charanam” Bhajan

Kalaganti Kalaganti ….

I am not writing about Annamacharya Keerthana …

I want to write about a weird and horrible dream I had this evening; yes you have read it correctly – this EVENING. atu itu kaani timelo padukuntae mari ilanti chettha dreamsae vasthayi. It has been ages that I slept in the late afternoon, early evening, may be sometimes I do, but those ones are when I go to India and with some jet lag effect. But not in New York, I had to think very intensely to remember those moments where and when I sleep in the afternoons.

So I will get back to my dream – I was in my office building, on our floor, but no matter which way I go I am not able to figure out where my cubicle is. And I do not see any of my colleagues. And the office looks so posh. I was very scared that I may have gotten Alzheimers. Back in the mind I was thinking that I should go home and tell my sister about it and then I was scared that she might take me to a doctor. I was struggling and struggling and I suddenly woke up and so very much relieved that it was a DREAM.

Mari atu itu kaani timelo padukuntae ilanti chettha dreamsae vasthayi.

Annamayya again

Annamayya on a Saturday – what more can I ask for. Enduko ee cinema chusinappudalla chala bhavodvaegam kaluguthundi.

The scenes I liked the most and touched me the most are

1. The first time Venkateswara Swamy came to Annamayya to divert his life’s direction, to make him know the purpose for which he was born

I like the complete conversation between Annamayya and God – intha kanna soundarayam chupisthae – aa soundaryaniki dasoham antanu – and the Venkateswara Swamy vigraham chala chala andam ga untadi, kallu tippukolenanthaga, kanu reppalu muyalenanthaga, mugdha mohanam antae adenemo anipinchae tantha ga

2. Annamayya’s conversation with Narada

aa harivasam chaerae varaku upavasam chaeddamani thatha,  aa prayatnmulo asalae pothae ? aa swami seva kosam chesae ee yatralo alisipoyina asalupoina poyaedi emundi thatha appudu Naradudu cheppae dialogue – this one quoted by God,  “nenu vaikuntam lonu undanu, yogula hrudayallonu undanu, ekkada naa bhaktulu paduthuntaro akkada thista vesukuni koorchuntanu ani”

3. Ammavaru came to Annamayya with the laddu

Annamayya’s expressions when he tasted the laddu and also his expressions when he realized that ammavaru came in that form

4. The whole climax episode

Emi cheppina, entha cheppina adi underexpression avuthadi.

naa pata mee nota, natana Sutradhari,

Swami ee sakshakatharam kala kadhu kadha kalpana kadhu kadha apadha mokkulavada anni bayalanu pogottae abhaya hasthamtho karunamrutha dharalu kuripinchae kati hasthamtho nannu kowgilinchukunnava, aa thalluliddariki nilayamaina nee gundaelapaiki nannu cherchukunnava, natho palikinchukunna ee keethanalaku pratiphalamga intha pedda kooli mutta cheppava naa janma tharinchindi charitharthamaindi

స్వామి ఈ సాక్షాత్కారం  కల  కాదు  కదా !  కల్పన కాదు కదా !  ఆపద  మొక్కులవాడ,  అన్ని  భాయాలును పోగొట్టే  అభయ  హస్తంతో,  కరుణామృత ధారలు కురిపించే  కటి  హస్తంతో  నన్ను  కౌగిలించుకున్నావా, ఆ  తల్లులిద్దరికి  నిలయమైన  నీ  గుండెలపైకి నన్ను  చేర్చుకున్నావా ! నాతో  పలికించుకున్న ఈ  కీర్తనలకు  ప్రతిఫలంగా  ఇంత  పెద్ద  కూలి  ముట్ట  చెప్పవా  ! నా  జన్మ  తరించింది,  చరితార్తమైంది !

Anamayya expressions when he came to know Venkateswara Swamy’s physical presence at different stages of his life, the feeling that God has been physically with him – naa patalu lokalanu adinchae mimmalani adinchaeya? avi meeru gurthu unchukuni malli padaentha ga mimmalani alarincheya? Chalu Swamy chalu naaku pattaleni alasipoyantha anandam kaluguthundi

Antharyami alasithi solasithi …..

Content wise, action wise, from any aspect this climax is naa bhutho naa bhavishyathi …. I get very emotional at this climax whenever I see this movie, today is no exception, I cried even more than the first time I saw this movie. very sad and emotional. I do not know how Raghavendra garu had conceived this climax, but hats off to him. And the whole cast and crew had given life to his vision – especially Nagarjuna, Keeravani garu.