Kalaganti Kalaganti ….

I am not writing about Annamacharya Keerthana …

I want to write about a weird and horrible dream I had this evening; yes you have read it correctly – this EVENING. atu itu kaani timelo padukuntae mari ilanti chettha dreamsae vasthayi. It has been ages that I slept in the late afternoon, early evening, may be sometimes I do, but those ones are when I go to India and with some jet lag effect. But not in New York, I had to think very intensely to remember those moments where and when I sleep in the afternoons.

So I will get back to my dream – I was in my office building, on our floor, but no matter which way I go I am not able to figure out where my cubicle is. And I do not see any of my colleagues. And the office looks so posh. I was very scared that I may have gotten Alzheimers. Back in the mind I was thinking that I should go home and tell my sister about it and then I was scared that she might take me to a doctor. I was struggling and struggling and I suddenly woke up and so very much relieved that it was a DREAM.

Mari atu itu kaani timelo padukuntae ilanti chettha dreamsae vasthayi.


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