Broccoli with Cheese

An imaginary recipe.


1. Broccoli – 2 or 3 flower heads

2. small pieces of ginger and garlic

3. dry coconut powder

4. onions – 1 medium size

5. salt and small amount of oil

6. Kraft cheese slices – 2

7. 3 to 4 green chillies


1. Boil broccoli florets (I use the stem also – cut into small pieces) in water for 5 min – just to get the stem pieces little soft.

2. Cut onion into thin long pieces and sauté them for 1 to 2 minutes and add the broccoli pieces (just drain the water out) and let them cook for 3 to 4 minutes.


3. Add some salt, ginger, green chilly and garlic paste and cook  for a minute or so and add the dry coconut powder and add the cheese slices and let the cheese melt and the curry is ready.

4. Garnish with coriander leaves.

5. Add tomato also for a small variation.

the cruelity of reality …

My two elder brothers decided to leave this world in just 7 weeks time. How cruel the reality could be than this … it should not happen to the most worst enemy of mine.

I have been away from home for 33 years. I haven’t been to India very often. Only after my husband passed away 5 years ago, I started going to India almost every year. So most of my prime life I was away from the family. We are eight siblings and we were very close. Even though we were physically distant apart, the bond and the love exist for ever. gandhi babu and chinna babu

Some random thoughts going over my paralyzed mind.

All the family will be missing you both for ever. We were really shocked to hear this news. How did you and chinna annayya decide to leave us in a time span of 7 WEEKS. We are not able to accept the reality of life. It is very painful to think about it even.

You and chinna annayya were so close and been together almost all your lives. You both had been to the same medical college in Vizag, you got admission on merit and he got it through sports quota. You had been lived together all your college lives with amma being with you to take care of you both.

After you finished your schools, you had been to different countries in pursuit of your future, you had been to Algeria and chinna babu went to Iran.

After a few years staying apart from each other, you both had decided to stay back in India after nanna passed away. You both had moved back to Kakinada to stay in the house nanna had built. Most of your time at Kakinada, you both had been living under same roof and all your children grew up together without any differences.

Instead of molding your careers in your own professional field, you tried to venture into different business activities and tasted so much loss, but never pinpointed on any of you for your acts, you had been together through thick and thin. You had lost almost everything that you both have earned in abroad.

Then you turned your attention towards your profession and finally decided to move to Rajahmundry after amma passed away – Chinna Babu as a medical doctor at Paper Mills and you at ONGC. You had been living in separate houses, but being very close to each other.

Suddenly some misunderstandings arisen between two of you and you both have been separated – separated so very much physically as mentally. Chinna Babu moved to Tanzania where Babloo had been working and you shifted the family to Hyderabad but still working in ONGC.

Chinna babu had his last breathe in Uganda on 14 July 2013 with his last wish that his final rites to be performed by you ONLY. As per his last wish, chinna babu was brought back to Hyderabad and you stood by his side and performed every wish of chinna annayya and brought his family back into your life after 4 years of separation.

But we never expected that you both had decided to be together even in your DEATH, it is exactly seven weeks after chinna babu left us, you went searching for him. It is not FAIR at all.

For the rest of the family members, it is a big SHOCK. We haven’t been completely out of Chinna babu’s demise and another big blow.

I read somewhere that when you lose someone close to you either by blood relation or by accident or by destiny, time will heal the would, but scar remains there for ever !

Rest in Peace annayya ! Love you both !

Sambaar ….

As many of us, I love homemade sambaar a lot – Homemade means homemade sambaar podi. Here is the recipe. All ingredients are appropriate measurements.

1. Toor dal 1 1/2 cups

2. vegetables – any vegetables, I use depending on their availability – carrot, tomato, onion, radish, mullangi (daikon), sorakaya (bottle gourd), drum sticks, yam, okra

3. small amount of tamarind – may be half amount of small sized lemon.

4. coriander seeds – 4 to 5 table spoons

5. rice – 4 to 5 table spoons

6. Red mirchi – 6 to 7

7. Black pepper – 1 table spoonIMG_0729

8. Fenugreek seeds (menthulu) – 1/2 spoon

9. cumin seeds – 1 table spoon

10. mustard seeds – 1/2 table spoon

11. coconut – 10 small piecesIMG_0734

12. sugar or jiggery – 1 table spoon

13. turmeric powder – 1 teaspoon

14. salt and red chilly powder to taste


1. Pressure cook the toor dal.

2. Boil all IMG_0733the vegetables with added turmeric powder, salt and chilly powder. Add the tamarind directly or soak tamarind in water (or place wit water in the microwave for a minute – I use this method when I make Pulihora, so I do not have to soak tamarind in water for a longer time) and add that water to the boiling vegetables.

3. Once the vegetables getting little soft, add the cooked dal and let it boil for five minutes.

4. Dry roast all the rest of the ingredients (except coconut pieces and rice)  and make it into a powder and add that powder to the boiling sambaar and stir continuously so that the sambaar powder would blend into sambaar very well with out becoming into lumps. Add either the sugar or jiggery to sambaar.

5. Add seasonings(little urud dal, cumin seeds, mustard seeds, red chilly, curry leaves and asafoetida toa  small amount of ghee or oil) and add that to sambaar.

Voila sambaar is ready. It goes very well with Idlis and Rice.

IMG_5320 IMG_4859