Devi Navarathrulu – Day 1

Do not think I am trying to write anything on the spiritual side.

శరన్నవరాత్రులు – నైవేద్యాలు by Brahmasri Chaganti Koteswara RAO

పరాశక్తిని నవరాత్రులు ఆరాధి౦చడ౦ అత్య౦త శుభప్రద౦. ఈనవరాత్రులూ జగద౦బను ఆరాధి౦చే వారికి సర్వమ౦గళములూ స౦ప్రాప్తిస్తాయి. వారి వారి విధానాలను అనుసరి౦చి జగద౦బను ఆరాధి౦చాలి. ఈ రోజులలో అమ్మవారికి ప్రత్యేక నైవేద్యాలు కూడా పెట్టడ౦ జరుగుతో౦ది.

అ౦తేకాక నరాత్రులలో దేవీభాగవత పఠన౦ మిక్కిలి ఫలదాయక౦. కుదరని వారు దేవీభాగవత౦లోని దేవీగీతలు అయినా చదివి అమ్మవారి కృపకు పాత్రులు అవుదాము.

So I started with the food …

మొదటి రోజు – పాడ్యమి – కట్టుపొంగలి

(There is a list with the item for each day. I have decided to go with this Naivedyalu list, I happened to see this from Padma V Putta (on Facebook) shared post last night when I was about to sleep and decided to follow this). How I made this Pongal today is a miracle, not preparation wise, but having the ingredients at home, the main one rice itself. Recently I am using brown Basmati rice and not having white rice at home. I had to go to grocery store to buy it and I do not have one close to home. I came from exercise class around 10:30 am and I was supposed to go to a family friend’s place for lunch. So I did not have any option, and I had to wait until evening to prepare this dish which I was not completely happy with as I wanted to offer naivedyam to Ammavaru in the mornIMG_5350ing itself. Then I suddenly remembered that I have kept some rice in a ziplock bag just before consuming the white basmati rice last month. It was a real miracle that  I opened the cupboard in the kitchen and that was the first thing I laid my hands on without my knowledge that the ziplock bag was there behind another item in that cupboard. I strongly felt that Ammavaru wanted this list of naivedyams from me during this Navarathri period.

kattae pongaliSomehow immediately I remembered this following dialogue from a movie (Soothradharulu, I guess), “manishi sankalpum chesthadu devudu daniki ayuvu posthadu” – మనిషి సంకల్పం చేస్తాడు  దేవుడు దానికి ఆయువు పోస్తాడు .

I experience god in everything I do, everything happens to me – good or bad, in all mundane matters, I get all the strength from HIM only. I do not do any special poojas, just deeparadhana every day morning, before I even take my tea in the morning – same routine weekday or weekend. I link anything and everything to HIM. So that is the reason I even relate my preparation of Pongal today is His wish and His will.

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