Devi Navarathrulu – Day 3

Third Day – Coconut Rice – మూడవ రోజు – తదియ – కొబ్బరి అన్నం

IMG_5362My mom used to cook this dish in a specialized way which I haven’t seen anywhere, may be at my maternal aunts’ places, but do not have vivid memories of it. We are a big family and almost always people are coming in and going, relatives, my dad’s close family friends’ kids who used to stay in the hostel but very much part of our family. Whenever my mom cooked this dish, there had to be Chicken curry to go along with it. We did not have gas stoves at that time. Used sometraditional cooking arrangement with wood as the source of fire (gaadi poyya in telugu). She used to cook this in a big container like the ones they used in wedding parties, after almost done with cooking, she placed a huge copper plate with burning coal on the top of the container and let it get cooked evenly. IMG_5364She had a special expertise in making these two dishes, may be she has inherited from her mother. I always thought kobbari Annam (coconut rice) means what my mom makes until one day I ate this dish in Andhra University Canteen (my father had served as Andhra University Senate and Syndicate member for several years and we used to go with him sometimes when he had meetings, stayed at the faculty club which was across the canteen), and then realized that this dish was made completely different in some places from what my mom used to make. I always love and cherish the way my mom makes it. Especially the copper plate with burning coal added some special touch to the whole recipe.

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