Devi Navarathrulu – Day 4

Fourth day – Garaelu (made with urud dal – type of an Indian lentil) – నాలుగవ రోజు – చవితి – గారెలు

IMG_5366 This time I have added 2 to 3 spoons of ‘atukulu’ when I was grinding the urud dal to get more soft ones. And made allam pachhadi (ginger pickle) which is the trademark combination for Garaelu. Allam pachhadi is a new addition to my cuisine. I wish I could have made sambar too which is another great combination.

During my visit to India few months ago, My elder brother told me a list of IMG_5368things my mom used to make exquisitely delicious, whatever he was saying I told him I would do them the following day – coconut rice, garaelu, pergu vaada etc,, and when he mentioned about allam pachhadi and that too with stone pestle and mortar, I just gave up with folded hands and he even  tried to enter into the domain of non-vegetarian dishes (my mom’s unbeatable, un-encroachable  domain for any of us), I told him to forget and stop pinning any hopes on me in that field. First time, after I left India 30 years ago (of course I have been visiting India frequently) , I cooked at my brother’s place for 3 days continuously – everyday some special dishes for almost 15 people. Last month I felt like making Allam pachhadi for my brother (this is the first time I made it in my entire culinary life) when I was offering him prasadam (he passed away exactly a month ago). And today also in the name of Goddess, I offered garaelu and allam pachadi for him too. I hope you like it annayya. I wish I did with pestle and mortar but I do not have that equipment so I had to use the grinder.