Anjaneya Swamy కోరి కనిపించవా, లేక కోరికని పెంచావ !

IMG_5859 IMG_5860 IMG_5861 IMG_5862Anjaneya – kori kanipinchava, or korikani penchava – కోరి కనిపించవా, లేక కోరికని పెంచావ !

Thursday around midnight, I saw Anjaneya Swamy with vadamala on Facebook, it was soooo good, apart from appreciating the beauty, like a normal human being, I felt like eating vada and sambar immediately, but I could not. Yesterday night, when I came to my sister’s place, I casually mentioned it to her. she immediately soaked the urdu dal. Today we made vadas and sambhar. But we were not even thinking of having a vadamala to Anjaneya Swamy. After we finished everything and my sister suddenly asked me whether I wanted to make vadamala to Anjaneya. I thought she was asking me whether I would want to do it in temple and I said no as the temple people were not willing to do that when I took vadamala few months ago to the temple and I was very upset then. She wanted me to put it on Anjaneya at her place only. And today is Karthi’s birthday and Anjaneya is his Istadaivam. I thought may be vigraham can not hold this heavy garland. But with so much ease, we were able to adorn Anjaneya with the VADAMALA. It came out so beautifully. I thought He has planned everything by appearing in front of me the way He wanted to be at my sister’s place on a Saturday and also on Karthi’s birthday.

so Anjaneya కోరి కనిపించవా, లేక కోరికని పెంచావ ! whatever, I am so happy and blessed. Thank you for being with me !


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