Annavaram Prasadam

imageFor the past few days, somehow, Annavaram Prasadam coming to my mind very frequently, besides its amazing taste and all the beautiful memories woven around it, there is something more that is making me think of this. I lived in Anakapalli until I finish my graduation. My eldest sister lived in Kakinada after her marriage and she was attending the medical school there. So we had frequent trips to Kakinada. Swamivari prasadam was being sold at the Annavaram bus stop where the buses stop. I do not know whether they still practice this. So we used to buy Prasadam a lot in our trips to Kakinada. May be we have bought the prasadam more times than we have visited Satyanarayana Swamy.

So our SOS – came to my rescue as it does always – whenever I need anything and everything, google is always there. Takkuvemi manaku google chenthanunna varaku. I got few variant recipes. So I fixed in my mind on one and I made it today. It came out very tasty, but it needs to be little liquidy as the original one. I haven’t eaten the original prasadam in the last 35 years, so I am not sure whether the prasadam has cashews and raisins. Forgot to mention, I took the Prasadam to Baba’s temple.



1. Cracked wheat – 1 cup

2. Brown sugar (jaggery) – 2 cups

3. Sugar – 1 cup

4. Cashews and Raisins- depends on your choice

5.  Cardamom powder – 1 teaspoon

6. Saffron – little bit and few teaspoons of ghee.


1. For one cup of cracked wheat add three cups of water and cook it in pressure cooker.

2. Mix the brown sugar and sugar and add some water and cook it until the syrup gets boiling.

3. Add cooked cracked wheat to the boiling syrup and stir it for a while until it gets little thick, not very dry, cook until it is little watery.

4. Sauté the cashew and raisins in little amount of ghee and add it the cooked wheat.

5. Add the cardamom powder and saffron to the mix.

Voila the prasadam is ready 🙂

2 States

Done with #2States – nice, feel good romantic comedy. I enjoyed the movie. Watching a movie at AMC 25 Times Square is itself an experience. Alia Bhatt is very cute and beautiful. I instantaneously fell in love with her. I like Arjun Kapoor much better in this movie than in Gunday. My two most favorite scenes are the way Krish proposed to Ananya’s complete family, and the venue of their wedding – it is so beautiful. Second half seems to be little dragging, I agree with you completely Unnati, but hey you can not have roses without thornsimage image image

కోరి కనిపించవా, లేక కోరికని పెంచావ – 2

I went to bed earlimagey yesterday as I was not feeling that great and suddenly woke up around 11:30 and thinking of posting Bapu SeethaRamulu for SriRamanavami wishes, and I was looking on Prashanthi’s Timeline on Facebook for a pic I gave them on their wedding anniversary, which I could not find. Then I checked back in my Bapu’s collection (the posters I bought at NATA convention few years ago) for some wedding ceremony pictures, I do not even remember that I had bought Seetha Ramula pic. And I found this. My joy knew no bounds. Ekanga Bhadrachala Ramuluvarae Sakshathakarinchaganae, felt little emotional.

Forimage the past few months, whatever comes into my mind is materializing very divinely ! Thanks Baba for being with me and holding my hand all the time.

I have few more experiences to pen down in this series – kori kanipinchava leka korikani penchava