My whimageole day (22 May) is so beautifully wound up with #MANAM, watching the premier reports from Hyderabad and hearing raving compliments from film fraternity and finally watching Manam premier at Times Square, New York. My all time dream to watch Nagarjuna’s movie at Times Square had fulfilled bountifully by giving me an opportunity to watch three generations of Akkinenis at AMC 25 🙂 What more can I ask for ……

image#Manam the much awaited movie of #Akkinenis – a feel good movie, the screenplay is brilliant, I love Anup Ruben’s music, actually I might have listened each song at least 100 times by now – intilo on MacBook, office lo computer lo, walk chesthunnappudu iPod lo, I loved the songs so much I cried so many times listening to the songs, the first time ever in my life I cried just listening to the music. Thanks Anup Rubens for the awesome work. and of course to Chandra Bose garu, for the beautiful lyrics –

Velugutho vachhaenae needala maraenae, velugu needallo thodu neevae

imageవెలుగుతో వచ్చానే నీడలా మారెనే వెలుగు నీడల్లో తోడు నీవే

gundaelo nee vallae savvadae perigaenae gundae thadi nuvvayyavulaeeeee

గుండెలో నీవల్లే సవ్వడే పెరిగేనే గుండె తడి నువ్వాయ్యువులే 

chinni chinni chinni imagechinni chinni asalu naalo regaenae chiru chiru chiru chiru chiru chindulu manasae vaesaenae chitti chitti chitti chitti chitti oohalu edalo oogaenae

చిన్ని చిన్ని చిన్ని చిన్ని చిన్ని ఆశలు నాలో రేగేనే చిరు చిరు చిరు చిరు చిరు చిందులు మనసే వేసేనే చిట్టి చిట్టి చిట్టి చిట్టి ఊహలు ఎదలో ఊగేనే

Idi prema prema thiriguchhae thiyyaga, idi prema prema edurochhae hayiga

ఇది ప్రేమా ప్రేమా తిరిగొచ్చే తియ్యగా ఇది ప్రేమ ప్రేమ ఎదురొచ్చే హాయిగా 

idi manasuni tadimina tadipina kshnam kadha aaaaaaa!

ఇది మనసుని తడిమిన తడిపిన క్షణం కదా 

kanipenimagechina maa ammakae ammayyanuga, nadipinchina maa nannakae nanna ayyanuga

కనిపెంచిన మా అమ్మకే అమ్మయ్యానుగా నడిపించిన మా నాన్నకే నాన్నయ్యనుగా …

I loved the songs so much they have just come and gone in the movie without me enjoying them. I have to see the movie again 😛image

When I saw the first trailor a month ago, and I suspected reincarnation concept, I had my own doubts about the story, and worried that the story might not create great impact on audience and killing four charcters and their rebirth might not get into audience. But Director Vikram Kumar is simply brilliant – a much complicated story has been told very imagesimply. Every artist performed well – ANR garu (has a very brief role), Nagarjuna, Chaitanya, Samantha and Shreya. Samantha has more scope for performance and she did not miss the opportunity. – Exam lo iragadisanu …. and her message to her son ‘ Thank you for selecting me as your amma’ is very heart touching. Mother child relationship has been portrayed very well. Their love is very intense may be that is the reason they have reborn. It is good that they haven’t unfolded all the relations in the movie. I am not sure about Nagarjuna’s, and Shreya’s heartbeat, but my heartbeat increased when I saw Akhil even though I came to know that Akhil had a brilliant entry in this movie. And Nice to see Amala garu for a few seconds in her natural beautiful way and the background classical music is too good. Since Nagarjuna is looking for his mom not for his girl friend, so ignoring Amala garu is fine 😛

imageNagarjuna’s and Shriya’s flashback episode is very sweet and romantic – the whole episode takes us somewhere and of course Nagarjuna looks so handsome :P. The peaks is the marriage scene … so beautiful and romantic …..

imageఎక్కడో ఉన్నవాడిని నీ గుండెల్లో పెట్టుకున్నావ్ మీ ఇద్దరూ కలిసాక అతని గుండె చప్పుడు అయిపోవు – Very heart touching and extremely romantic – a fine example of dialogue writer Harsha Vardhan’s eloquent writing skill …

That whole episode is so romantic I want to fall in love again and again and again, of course with my loving husband only. గుండెలో నీవల్లే సవ్వడే పెరిగేనే గుండె తడి నువ్వాయ్యువులే, ఇది ప్రేమా ప్రేమా తిరిగొచ్చే తియ్యగా ఇది ప్రేమ ప్రేమ ఎదురొచ్చే హాయిగా ఇది మనసుని తడిమిన తడిపిన క్షణం కదా. Ofcourse I have combined the lyrics from two songs, but that is how I feel.

And every episode of Nagarjuna and Samantha is very beautifully portrayed and stays with us throughout and do not leave us even after leaving the theater. I am still in Manam magic …. #MagicContinues !image

And of course the ‘selfie’ episode of Nagarjuna and Chaitanya is very hilarious. It brings smile (and may be laughter) on my face even just by thinking about it.

The only thing I am not comfortable with is the drinking patterns of Chaitanya.

It is very delightful to watch 3(4) Akkinenis on the same screen. When you put your heart and soul into any thing, the outcome is always beautiful and bountiful !

This movie is giving me small hope that I may meet again my beloved ones whom I lost in the past few years would come back to me in this life or in the future lives. HOPE !

Thanks to the cinematographer, Vinod for etching Manam as an అద్భుతమైన దృశ్య కావ్యం!

Finally Manam portrays the Power of Love ! Love is in the Air and Beyond … Love Lives On Beyond Life and Death ….

P.S. I have seen the movie second time again on 23 May. I have never seen a movie back to back on two consecutive days in my life. Thanks for the US distributors, CineGalaxyUSA for screening the movie at AMC 25, Times Square, New York. It is just my backyard and I could watch the movie as many times as I want.

ANR garu vellipothu Akhil ni theesukuni vachhinattu anipinchindi ! #TheCycleContinues #ANRLivesON 🙂 imageAkkinenis





Final tribute to ANR garu by all family members (we hear all voices) and showing ANR garu and Annapurna garu is heart touching !ANRgaru

నువ్వే మా స్పూర్తివి..

నువ్వే మా ఆర్తివి ..

తెలుగు వారి గుండెల్లో శాశ్వతమైన  కీర్తివి…