Drushyam – my view

DrusyhamWhen I first saw this poster on idlebrain.com on 8 June, I was very much thrilled. I immediately posted this pic on my FB account. that is why I remembered the date very well. I have expected a heart touching chemistry between dad and daughters. I normally do not post any heroes’ pictures except Akkinenis’ on my FB account. I am not a big fan of Venky’s movies except for Nuvvu Naaku Nachhavu and Malleswari. Somehow I can not stand his sympathetic roles that would go to the extent of demeaning his characters.  

drusyam2I have been reading that this is a family thriller since the first poster launched. But for some reason I have been expecting something more that really touches my heart.

So I have been waiting for this movie’s release and I watched it last weekend. The movie is good, especially the second half. I would say it a more intelligent play rather than a thriller. I am very much disappointed as it misses the chemistry/bonding or body language or emotions between father and daughters which I was expecting a lot and which I thought would go deeper into our manasu poralu. On the other hand, it is very much like any father/mother would fight for kids and go to any extent for protecting them. But it is very much appreciative how the father has planned everything with the dates and how he prepared the whole family to face any interrogation. And one question that has been boggling my mind throughout the movie has been answered very intelligently at the end. And for sure it is a different movie for Venkatesh 🙂