Happiness is in Giving not in Receiving

New York Cares Winter Wish Program-  I have been part of this event since 2008 Christmas. Started with answering 3 wishes. And it has been growing since then and trying to involve more and more people with in friends, colleagues and family.

With the help of family, friends and colleagues, we have answered around 105 🙂  letters this year.

One of my collegues with whom I have worked (just as a group) for 2 to 3 years is a major support to this program. Even though I am not part of his team, he #BelievesInMe and trusts my work. He has started supporting this program in 2009 and has been with me in this journey as a major contributor. He has contributed $350 and asked me to answer as many wishes as I can. After I reacheed 80 letters, I thought I have reached my goal this year. But then I did not want to give up. I again tapped on some of my resources in my office, surprisingly another big contributor has joined the group with a $200 contribution.

I did not want to limit the support to kids only, so I have extend my horizon and have answered some senior citizens letters also.

Felt very happy and accomplished ….