Steel cut oats Biryani with Palak, Tomatoes, and Soy chunks

IMG_9553Yesterday when I saw my physiatrist about my knee pain issues (have been seeing him very often for the past 2 months), among different issues he had talked, the conversation came to food habits. He said that I should do more exercises to build muscle around the knee are, eat healthy food etc, and talked about the benefits of mediterranean diet

and talking aboIMG_9544ut fish and stuff and I told him that I am a vegetarian and then he asked me whether I would eat rice. I told him that I eat rice very seldom (may be once in a week or even two weeks:), anIMG_9543d I eat oat meal and then he asked me which type and I answered old fashioned, I know that is better than processed/instant oats, then he inquired about steel cut. I ate steel cut long time ago and I know that is the best type of oats which are more nutritious and healthier. But the problem is it takes long time to cook. That is the reason I stepped back from using them.

But immediately I decided to shift back to ‘steel cut oats’ for many reasons but I want to add some spice to it and that is how this dish has taken birth.


1. Steel cut oats – 2 cups

2. Spinach – 1 packet

3. Onion, medium-sized  – 1 – i use red onions

4. small  tomatoes, medium-sized – 6

5. Soy chunks small ones – 1 cup

6. Ginger (small piece) and garlic

7. Green chillies – 2 or 3 small ones

8. Cloves 3 – 4; cinnamon stick very small piece; cardamom – 3 to 4;

9. coconut pieces  – few

10.  dhania powder – 2 teaspoons

11.  cumin(jeera) powder – 1 table spoon

12. few spoons of ghee, salt

13. cashew and almondm – a handful

IMG_9542I usually cook biryanis either in pressure or rice cooker. I used pressure cooker for this. so I directly put all ingredients in the pressure cooker container. Saute onion pieces, cloves, cardamom, cinnamon  in 5 to 6 table spoons of ghee and once they turn little brown, add tomato ( I cut each tomato into two pieces) pieces and cook for 2 to 3 minutes and add the spinach and let them all cook for 5 minutes. Then add  salt, and dhania powder, cumin pIMG_9545owder. Mince ginger, garlic, coconut pieces and green chillies and add that paste to the curry and let it cook for another 2 minutes. Then add oats and mix it well and let them cook for a minute. Add add water (usually I use one and half cups of water for one cup of rice, but for steel cut oats, i used 2 cups of water to a cup of oats.

And basically in my pressure cooker (and with my new cooking range which has one power burners), the biryani would be done in 10 minutes. And I sautéed cashew and almonds (make them into small pieces) in two spoons of ghee and add it the biryani after it is done.

So on all the whole it would take close to 30 min (10 minutes for preparing and cutting vegetables, 10 minutes in pressure cooker, may be 10 minutes or less for the cooling time).

And of course, it came out very yummy 🙂


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