New York Cares Winter Wish Project 2015

#NewYorkCares – proud to be part of this project – #42000 letters have been answered in 2 months – with the help of family, friends, and colleagues, I was able to answer #102 letters, few letters short of my last year record (105 letters), little disappointed, nevertheless I am happy to pull all my resources to accomplish this project.

I should thank many people not only for their participation but for their support to me and their support to this project, – beyond anything their trust and confidence in me. I am ever grateful.
Thanks to my sister (for not only to her personal contribution, but 26 letters answered by her colleagues), Karthi, Prashanthi, Supritha, Lakshmi Nilam, Radha Yamarthy, Ramana, Radhika, Uma, Radhalakshmi, Shashi, Sarada Vallabhuni, Anu Chimata, Sudhir, and to my colleagues (Ewen – solid contributor and has been supporting this project for many years), Dawit, Eswaran, Michael, Nicole, Brenda, Cheryl, Rama Krishna, Liz and Mario.

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