Everlasting kindness

card stockThis is something that happened during Christmas 2015. As part of my New York Cares Winter Wish Program, with the help of family, friends and colleagues, we as a group answer letters from kids, teenagers and senior citizens for almost 8 years. This time one lady asked for either a fruit basket or food basket. Somehow I felt like making one by myself for few reasons – it seems little expensive online; not exactly sure of what fruits or food items be included in the basket; and also I want to do it (my #DIY project). I have included many different fruits, chocolates, spaghetti, sauce etc, spent around $40 to $45 but I was so happy that I could add whatever I felt like adding. I could have actually made atleast two baskets with the stuff I had put in one. And then taking this humongous basket to the center is another major task but as I always trust and have faith in Baba’s helping hand, He came to my rescue and I made it through successfully. Somehow I felt like having a pat on my back or a warm hug from my husband to appreciate my efforts by going through so many hurdles in achieving this goal. I know he must be very proud of me but I want something physical which I could felt. and then He did react, never ever failed to show his support to me. Actually I had to handover two gift cards to two other ladies and I bough the cards. So I was looking for greeting cards to keep these gift cards inside rather than keeping these cards in blank envelopes. My husband used to send New Year cards to all his friends, family members and acquaintances (in US and in India too) for almost thirty years. and I stopped it after he passed away. We used to buy boxes of cards every year. I have some left overs from many years and luckily I haven’t thrown these while I did a massive clean up during my apartment renovation last year. So I opened one box which has few cards and I opened one card and that one has my husband’s scard1ignature. This is the only card amongest 10 different cards I had in that box that has his signature.

I was so emotional as he was talking to me and wishing me all the joy, peace and love. Thank you very much Bangaru and thank  you very much Baba for your everlasting kindness and love