For every person, there are many oopiri moments – they are not mere amazing, magnificent, breathtaking moments, but they are life changing moments, faith assuring moments, heart touching moments …

like any other person, I too have few of them. I do not remember giving any of those moments to my parents but I am very much blessed to have some.

the very foremost one is meeting my husband in my life – our relationship is very very unconventional but it is Baba who brought us together and it is His blessing that we should live a life together on our own terms. I have learnt Many things in life from my husband. I can attribute everything to him for what I am today besides thanking my parents.

i want to dedicate this song to my husband for everything he had given to me.

Neekaina adi telusuna
Nenem pondhaano
Naa mounam neeku telipena

Kanulle merisipovaa..
Neelo navvu choodaga
Hrudhayam moorisipodha
Thanalo bharuvu theeraga

Innalluga naakuda leni nennu
Eerojunne kothaga janmincha
Neeloni anandhamai

Nuvemichavo telusa vethike kala
Neevalle kadha kalisa nanne nenila

Nuvvemichavo neekaina adi telusa

when my husband passed away in 2008, my life was very void, but then again my husband showed the path to me to lead a purposeful life – volunteer service – enrolled in different projects –  education, environment and many more. That was a completely new #OopiriMoment to me when I lost my real oopiri – another life changing moment. (Neevalle kadha kalisa nanne nenila)

when one of my students (through my volunteer service projects) gave me a beautiful card when he passed the GED exam Another life assuring moment – assuring me that I am on a right path.

There is one dialogue in the movie The Blind Side which really hits deep into my heart (actually a slap on my face) and changed my perspective of my very own life. The conversation goes like this:

One friend of Leigh Anne says to Leigh Anne “You are changing that boy’s life’” and immediately Leigh shoots the bullet – “No, he is changing mine” – very powerful dialogue. People may not pay too much attention to this dialogue but it is so striking to me as I always tell people relating to my voluntary activities (especially teaching, that is where my main focus is) that I would be happy if I change the lives of at least few people. After I watched this movie, it changed my perspective of my very own life – Actually they are changing my life. Another #Oopiri moment.

and then Unnu and Prati – they just walked into my life physically when they were eight years old, I could still remember that day when they both walked into my room holding two chunnis. I haven’t thought at that moment they were just walking into my life to give so much love unconditionally. I believe strongly some #Manam factor with in our relationship. Another Splendid #Oopiri moment.

I just want to share a precious note Unnu has written on the eve of my birthday few years ago.


this piece of her emotions is quite assuring that someone loves me as much as I love them. Very emotional moment and invariably I cry whenever I read it. Love you Unnu and Prati for being there for me and thank God for bringing you two into my life. Ever ever grateful for this blessing🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

i have an everlasting passion for Akkinenis. I have grown up watching AnR  garu’s movies and he was my matinee idol. I have a humongous admiration for Nagarjuna for ages … And finally this month I met him – that was a real breathtaking moment for me. He was such a warm person and made us so comfortable that I could talk to him whatever was coming to my mind at that time spontaneously and felt like talking to a friend – a friend that I have met after a very long time and I had to share so many things with him. That was quite an exciting moment I had in the past 10 years. He wrote a nice message for me. I wouldn’t say this as a  #oopiri moment but #LifeAssuringMoment – it assures my admiration towards him, he just stood as tall as in my expectations about him, #BreathTakingMoments for me – that meeting gave me immense happiness.


Neekaina adi telusuna
Nenem pondhaano
Naa mounam neeku telipena

Nuvemichavo telusa vethike kala
Neevalle kadha kalisa nanne nenila

— my favorite song in oopiri – thanks to sirivennela garu 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻


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