My Fitness Pal

imageTwo months ago, few family friends in our group have started some fitness activities with this logo with the caption Till the Body Behaves – I always feel that it is not the right title, it should be mind rather than ‘body’. Anyways our initial goal is to achieve 10000 steps a day. After a week, everyone feels we should go for 12k per day. And of course people were very enthusiastic and doing 20k and above too. we all use different gadgets to track our progress. I use UP24. It tracks sleep too. It is so mean 😡- one day I was in a meeting from 2:30 pm to 4 pm and I was playing a very passive role – mere attendance – just listening to the people talk. Of course, I was so sleepy and was controlling very hard not even to yawn. After I returned back to my seat, the UP popped up a message on the phone checking whether I was sleeping from 3:30 pm to 4 pm, that mean👺I have set up a mental goal for my self to do atleast 10k, anything over it is a bonus and spend 30 min on the stationary bicycle and 10 min on the elliptical as they are very important for my knee problem.

Then 10 days ago, Ramu has introduced My Fitness Pal  (MFP)- a program could be used online and also used as an app – a calorie counter and diet and exercice journal/tracker ( into my life for which I am ever grateful to Baba and Ramu. I have synched that app with my UP app, basically I maintain my food jounal with it and track my exercices, sleep patterns, my fiber intake goal etc., with UP. I should say I am eating very healthy – more focus on fruit smoothies, nuts and bean soups with vegetables. Nonetheless to say, within a week I lost few pounds which has been so difficult for me to loose for months. Since I eat mostly home made food, I am creating my own recipes with MFP – enter all the ingredients (you can match them even with the brand name – even Indian grocery brands) and save the recipe with your own name (of course it does not take in consideration on the preparation of that dish, it is ok with me as I am not making any fried or deep fried foods), and it would immediately give all the nutrient info on line with FDA standards. Sometimes I am afraid to eat food as I need to enter it as approximately as possible. Another trick to loose weight 😜 if you are very true to yourself. If you do not take the required amount of food that day, it would warn you with all health hazards and it won’t project your weight for the next 5 weeks which it would on a normal basis, projects the weight in next 5 weeks if you would continue to follow the same way as you did that particular day. 😍 Very encouraging.

This is a screenshot from UP image

for the past few days, when I am completing my diary for that day, I was getting very positive feed back on my projected weights which I hadn’t even noticed when I crossed them. 😂😂😂Such a nice feeling.

So from now on I decide to post my recipes on my blog with complete nutrient info too. Watch out this space for more yummy, healthy recipes …🍲🍲🍲