Christmas tree 2019 – Peacock Theme

Since I started having Christmas tree at home in 2016, every year it is a big puzzle to choose the theme. Initially when I started, I wanted my tree to be something unique by not using traditional Christmas ornaments – hence the birth of natural flowers tree for which I needed to change the flowers every week.

This is the link for my shared album My Floral Christmas Tree – Week 1

My floral Christmas Tree – Week 2

My Floral Christmas Tree – Christmas/New Year Week

The following year, I started making my own ornaments as I did not want to buy traditional ones / bought plain ornaments, painted them and put rangoli (muggulu) on those – no muggu is repeated and I made about 120 ornaments – gifted a few to my sister and Prashanthi.

here is a glimpse Blend of traditions

The following year another big question – what to do different this year – then came with family pictures – again bought plain disk shaped ornaments and made so many of family pics printed and cut them and put inside the ornament.

family Christmas tree – have a glimpse –

All through these years – I enjoyed the process a lot.
The following Sadhguru’s quotations came as flash when I was thinking of all those experiences
Nothing wonderful is ever going to happen unless you actively make it happen” – Sadhguru
Whatever you do, it is the way you do it that transforms you” – Sadhguru
So 2019 Christmas 🎄 is not an exception – what to do – finally came up with the idea of writing Sadhguru’s quotations on the ornaments; then peacock 🦚 theme came to the mind – again bought the plain ornaments – both round and disk shaped but disk shaped are the best choice – for writing and reading – so decided to paint the ornaments with peacock colors and keep peacock as the tree topper and mix the purple, green and blue colored lights with normal white lights (I prefer white lights only) and also looking at the painting options for the ornaments – the first time I painted 2 years ago,  I did paint outside of the ornaments but this time I wanted to do inside – so it is not painting per se but put some paint inside the ornament and shake it well until the whole ornament gets paint inside and then keep it upside down to get the extra paint dripped out and also allow the paint to dry out (the drying part I was not very successful which I need to master) – painting the ornaments inside gives a very professional look. But I should see how to get them dried so that the paint would not tilt to the sides or to the bottom.

I also decided to do 84 ornaments –

trying to check my fav quotations by Sadhguru, adorning the tree with lights -white, green, blue and used some purple and blue fairy lights, making the peacock – checking for peacock feather and body templates online, and choosing different sizes for feathers for outer layer, inner layer, number of trips to Michaels for metallic paint, glittered shining paper, cutting the paper and gluing them together  – all throughout the process I could experience the power of Shambhavi – never lost myself, never got disturbed, never ever lost confidence in me, never got distracted from what I wanted,

Do not try to fix whatever comes in your life. Fix yourself in such a way that whatever comes, you will be fineSadhguru

Your life becomes spectacular not by what you gather and possess but by the profoundness of EXPERIENCESadhguru 

After I thought about Peacock theme, I was searching on google for precock tree topper and I found a beautiful one on Pier1 website but it was priced $24.99 and with the tax and shipping it would be around $35. Prashanthi asked me to wait until Thanksgiving sale and when I checked the website around that time, the item was not even available on the site. Strangely I was not disappointed for not buying earlier. For some reason I knew something better would come. I thought I could seek Prashanthi’s help. And Lakshmi suggested that I should make a similar one (or a modified version) of what we made for Prashanthi’s baby shower few years ago. I joked with Lakshmi that she had high expectations of my artwork and creativity. Then I started working on similar design, but our ideas (mine and Unnu’s) had taken so many transformations and finally turned out into a beautiful peacock.

and the wreath came out so beautifully with in minutes

My Christmas tree this year – peacock 🦚 theme – handcrafted ornaments, handcrafted peacock star, 84 ornaments (resembling 84 forms of yoga related to Kriya (out of 122 yoga asanas prescribed in yogic culture) wrote my fav Sadhguru’s quotations and each one is adorned with my artwork – peacock feathers drawn and each piece is adorned with stones – almost 3 weeks intense involvement in terms of mental and physical activity  – each piece is unique in terms of quotations, feathers drawn and of course my hand writing 😊

Do Not Think Of What Is Possible And What Is Not Possible – Sadhguru