My Blog – My world – My Memorabilia 

Welcome to the world of my memories, visions, experiences in every day life !

All the pictures displayed randomly as the header are taken by me and 99% of them are with my Canon Rebel T3i. I love this camera and I need to learn a vast number of its features.

The name on  my blog – Sarada Purushotham – Purushotham is my husband’s first name. People are getting confused and thinking that it is my (new) last name. Sorry to disappoint you all.

About me


  • B.Sc from India (Chemistry, Botany and Zoology)
  • B.S in Computer Science (Queens College, City University of New York, USA)
  • M.S in Computer Science (Queens College, City University of New York, USA)


  • Worked in different offices at the United Nations – Statistics Division, Population Division, Office for Disarmament Affairs in the IT field (Database administrator, .net programmer, web programmer etc.,)
  • Currently working in Financial Information Operations Service (FIOS)/Department of Management, United Nations

Have been Living in Manhattan since 1987 and in the USA since 1980.


  • Movies – mostly watching DVDS at home
  • getting occupied with more social activities to change my life for better

Truly believe in the saying – “The value of anything you own, lies in its utility, not in its possession”.

My heart is very close to kids and education. I am involved in some educational programs through New York Cares, the city’s largest volunteer organization, running volunteer programs for 1,200 nonprofits, city agencies and public schools. I want to explore and expand the horizon and go beyond what I am visualizing at present …

That is basically what is all about me.

I am praying to Baba to guide me in the right direction and give me enough endurance to reach my destination.

11 thoughts on “About

  1. Wow, Sarada Aunty!!!
    Your blog is amazing!
    I love the colors and details, and I especially love where you wrote in telugu…it really brought a nice, traditional touch to your blog.
    I can’t wait to see your blog grow and flourish, just like a flower 😉 !! I will be waiting for more stories about your childhood life with your family (parents) and friends.
    Good Luck!!!

  2. Thank you very much to each and everyone for taking your precious time to go through my blog and to write your comments. They really mean a lot to me. Especially Pragati’s and Sowmya’s reactions – aa age group vallaki kooda nachhayantae – naku baaga inspiration vasthundi rayataniki. Love you all for your support.

  3. Hi aunty,

    Your blog is amazing. These colors and design selection, everything is looking nice. You must have put so much effort to do all these, But great work. Your stories are good too . Will learn many things from ur website.

  4. Thanks Sasi. I do not want to take so much credit for the design of this site as I have picked up the template from wordpress. But ofcourse I spent some time to pick up the template that suits my taste.

    Thanks again for your time and feedback.

  5. Hey Aunty,
    Ur blog is AMAZING! Also beautiful. I like all the things u rite in ur blog and red all of them. I like the colors and desins 2. Good luck!

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