My husband’s favorite newspaper. We had a home delivery of New York Times. Everyday he started reading it from the breakfast table and went on and on and finished reading the whole paper by evening, and cut the articles he liked and filed them systematically. Once in a while when I was cleaning the house, I was throwing them away. His fav sections – Editorial, of course, Science and Health Sections on Tuesdays, IT (I guess under the title Circuits if I am not wrong). He forced me to read the Science, health and IT sections. This routine continued almost 20 years. I stopped subscribing to it after he passed away. He loved that paper. PERIOD.

ippatiki New York Times paper chudangae evarino athmiyulunu chusinattu anipisthundi, manasantha chala badhaga anipisthundi, apyanga touch cheyalani anipisthudi. Idhi raasthu untae naku kallaemmanta neellu vasthunai. I miss him so badly.

Coming to the point, may be in 2006, one day my husband was reading New York Times paper and suddenly asked me and my niece, Prashanthi what a ‘BLOG’ is – we didn’t have an answer. He read something about blogs in New York Times paper. We searched here and there but could not give him an appropriate answer that satisfied his quest.

But today I started writing Blogs. My husband must be smiling from somewhere I hope …

I hope and pray that he would help me to write some interesting, humorous, thought provoking and constructive blogs !

5 thoughts on “Blogs

  1. SA, I also remember uncle helping you prepare for interviews with the world affairs that he read from NYTimes. For one interview he read and explained some topic which was asked in the interview as well.

    Good Luck with the Blog.

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