The President’s Volunteer Service Award

I have received “The President’s Volunteer Service Award” two days ago through mail. I was really surprised and of course got little emotional. I have started this service three years ago, immediately after my husband passed away – I have given an oath to my husband before he had left from my life physically that I would spend the rest of my life in extending service to humanitarian causes as he had lived his life for many of such causes through out his career for which I am always proud of.

I was/am/will not expecting any “awards” for the work I do, but this surprising “rewards”  made me little emotional. I totally believe if I could change the lives for better for at least some people (complete strangers – so idi nisvaradhamaina seva ani anukuntanu)*, that would be the best award and reward from Baba to me. 

These rewards make me believe that these are the blessings from Baba, my parents and my beloved husband. And I pray to them to give me enough strength to move forward in the right direction …

* Until recently I believed that I am trying to change the lives of some people, but my perspective of my own actions has drastically changed after I saw the movie The Blind Side.